BMW i5’s Next Christopher Walken Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek Gets Us Pumped!

Christopher Walken’s Blissful State: A Joy to Watch

BMW has released a new sneak peek for their upcoming Super Bowl advertisement, revealing that the highly-anticipated i5 model will be featured alongside iconic actor Christopher Walken. For those questioning the need for teasers before a trailer, Walken himself raised this inquiry in the initial teaser. However, it appears that the response is a resounding affirmative.

In the latest trailer, Christopher Walken can be seen cruising in a sleek 5 Series electric car, jamming out to Usher’s chart-topping 2004 track, Yeah. As he navigates through the bustling city of Los Angeles, one can’t help but notice the unusually sparse traffic on the roads.The newly released teaser offers a glimpse into Walken’s smooth ride, accompanied by the infectious beats of one of Usher’s biggest hits. Moving through the streets of LA in his eco-friendly vehicle, the veteran actor seems to be at ease, soaking in the sights and sounds of the vibrant city.Notably absent from the busy roads are the usual congested traffic and endless sea of cars, giving us a rare view of peaceful streets. With this enticing sneak peek, viewers can only imagine what thrilling escapades Walken will embark on in his electric 5 Series when the film hits theaters.

BMW just released their latest teaser trailer and they also posed an intriguing question. Can any car truly match the iconic status of Christopher Walken? While there may be some contenders for this title, it’s certainly not the BMW i5, even with its Italian roots.

BMW USA | Christopher Walken & The i5… Yeah!

We were left pondering which BMW could possibly match the iconic status of Mr. Walken, who boasts over 141 acting credits.

The question remains: which M car should it be – the M3 or the M5? In a recent ranking, we evaluated all the generations of the M5 and determined the E39 to be the ultimate winner. In the future, we aim to also rank all versions of the M3, with the expected victor being the E46. However, there is always the possibility of choosing an unconventional option.

As a unique individual, Christopher Walken has chosen the renowned Clownshoe as his vehicle, specifically the original Z3 M Coupe instead of the revived version.

In all honesty, BMW is investing a significant amount of money to promote the new i5 model. With the elimination of the V8 choice in the regular 5 Series, drivers must select the i5 M60 xDrive if they desire the same level of power as the previous M550i.

The M60 from BMW may have exceeded expectations, with a powerful output of 590 horsepower and 549 lb-ft of torque. This enables it to achieve a fast 0-60 mph acceleration time of just 3.7 seconds. However, despite these remarkable statistics, there are still some American consumers who may be wary of the car’s range, which is limited to 256 miles.

How can we reassure Americans that they don’t have to stress about the range? By enlisting the calming voice of Christopher Walken, of course. The finished TV commercial will premiere on February 5th.

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