BMW XM 50e: Entry-Level Super SUV Teased

Inline-Six Engine Reportedly Featured

Yesterday, BMW showcased its mightiest production car ever. The XM Portion Red will prominently feature in Auto Shanghai 2023 (China) and is joined by another fresh iteration of the XM series – the XM 50e. It’s being labelled as the cheapest model of the remarkable SUV and a newly released trailer demonstrates it from every side.

The shiny, newest edition of XM Label Red is leaving its mark, undeniable and remarkable. No one should be shocked that this fleeting clip achieved redoubled attention since it displays the incredibly vibrant and decorative XM 50e with BMW Individual hued yellow paint, presenting a sharp contrast with painted black accents on the facia’s mid part, wheels, wheelbumps and side skirts. Yes, the exterior exudes with allure, though what it holds within is the real sensation here.

Functioning as a basic version of the XM, we surmise the 50e iteration will possess an in-line six-cylinder motor coupled with hybrid support. While only BMW know truly how much autonomy this vehicle can offer when running on electrical electric power – the WLTP cycle used in Europe is cited to stand at 47-52 miles (76-84 kilometers). Nevertheless, speculations based on gossips suggest that the XM 50e will incorporate essentially the same powertrain as featured in the M760e.

If conjecture is accurate, it implies that the vehicle houses a turbocharged 3.0 L inline-six motor providing 375 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, there’s an electric motor alongside this powerplant as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission, supplying 197 horses in the 7 Series’ hybrid model. Therefore, the combination churns out 563 hp and 591 lb-ft of torque in the M760e. As many parallels can be drawn between these two automobiles, we are anticipating that the BMW XM 50e will have near identical outputs.

No indication is presented in the video of when the latest base XM will be unveiled; yet, possibility is strong that it will be presented with the XM Label Red at the Shanghai exhibition next week. So, keep track for all info! As reported earlier, this version might not be available in North America yet.

Source: BMW M on YouTube

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