Bugatti Baby II: UK Racing Championship for All Ages

Experience UK Racing at Iconic Locations

The Bugatti Baby II Championship has been conceived as a decidedly novel and thrilling racing competition that offers adults and juveniles alike the uncommon option of competing as a collective in a cutting-edge iteration of one of legendary motor racing’s most renowned automobiles – the Bugatti Type 35. The Little Car Company, connected with HERO-ERA, have set this championship up to span three exceptional contests at three exclusive British motor racing venues renowned for their marvelous cars.

The competition is available for 20 teams of both children and adults, who will engage in a collection of driving tasks based on capability. All participants will obtain a Bugatti Baby II, a diminutive 75-percent copy of the Bugatti Type 35, operated using electricity.

Andy Wallace, victor of 24 Hours of Le Mans and Bugatti Pilote Officiel, will offer his guidance to help racing rivals uncover their latent skills.

The championship will commence at the Bicester Heritage on April 23, when the sold-out Bicester Scramble takes place. Round two will be held at Silverstone – the celebrated home of British motorsport – on May 28, before it all culminates at Prescott Hill Climb on July 8 with a hill climb and a presentation of awards.

It has been almost a century since Junior Bugattis have had the chance to compete on the racetrack with Ettore Bugatti having constructed his own son, Roland, a half-sized Bugatti Type 35 in 1926. Thanks to The Little Car Company, and HERO-ERA, twenty separate groups of adults and children are now able to pursue a dream akin to that of Ettore himself by entering this special contest and expressing their enthusiasm for stunningly engineered vehicles.

The admission charge per team comes to £4,950 or roughly $6,110 based on the current exchange rate. This cost encompasses entry into all three contests, food service at every event, and admittance to the initial Bicester Dash. Contestants only need to tote a crash helmet and gloves, plus the correct clothing and footwear.

The tourney is a first to arrive, first served event; after all twenty spots are taken, a list of those looking to participate shall be maintained.

Source: The Little Car Company

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