Buy McLaren Senna: 700 Mile Joyride!

Seeking New Owner: Neglected But Hopeful

The McLaren Senna is one of the foremost amazing hypercars to be released by the renowned British hallmark as of late, and if you’re lucky enough to possess a million bucks lying around, you may still endeavour to purchase this 2019 specimen with only 787 miles on its odometer. Across Bring A Trailer, it is now being offered in Arkansas, package including a spotless Florida text, original paperworks, an unremarkable Carfax history and even a car protector.

The Senna has a rather striking visage that is ideal for radio. It could not accurately be called ‘ugly’ as its superb supercar proportions make it more than just passable. Form certainly followed function in the creation of this car; it is evident that its design was primarily focused on maximizing its performance on the track, and this decision has been very rewarding. The Senna’s capabilities have made it a true monster within the realms of racing.

This particular example is the 434th of 500 made and it wears a Victory Grey finish with McLaren Orange Aeroblades. It was first registered in Montana before, thereafter, it went to Florida and later was purchased by the vendor in 2022.

In terms of equipment, the vehicle comes fitted with sensors for parking at both the front and the rear, a reversing camera, door inserts constructed using the renowned Gorilla Glass, plus a glass back bulkhead. Furthermore, the audio system is provided by Bowers & Wilkins and consists of seven speakers. Those on the inside can enjoy a plethora of carbon fibre and Alcantara, however, some may find this lacking in design due to the fact that these are primarily designed as track automobiles.

The car sports a roof scoop, front and side air intakes, as well as a two-piece diffuser, which is modifiable using electronics. Moreover, it stands on outstanding center-lock rims sized 19″ (front) and 20″ (rear), coated with Satin Raw Metal colour, joined by Pirelli P Zero tyres. Additionally, it is armed with several other remarkable heralded features, such as RaceActive Chassis Control ll, Variable Drift Control, adjustable roll modes, and suspension alteration. One would have to go into excessive detail to mention everything here.

Finishing off the exterior is a revised look that adds another layer of sophistication to the already alluring McLaren 720S. Adorned in eye-catching orange brake calipers fitted with six and four pistons respectively, it’s completed with 390mm carbon-ceramic rotors which, when combined, are capable of bringing the car to a standstill in an instant. Of course, what really grants this vehicle its remarkable performance is the retuned twin-turbo V8 engine beneath its hood. Producing a spectacular 789 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, the power is channeled to the car’s rear wheels via its efficient seven-speed dual-clutch transmission — outperforming even the manufacturer’s own claims. Finally, to top it off, body modifications give the McLaren 720S a more refined aesthetic to admire.

The automobile has no fatalities or incidents to relate and the oil was modified in July of 2022. Whilst it’s not the trendiest vehicle for sale at the moment, there are still relatively few up for grab nationwide with a majority of those assessed at over $1.5 million. The tender is present at $991,000 with below 24 hours remaining, so we’ll notice if it can manage to arise above seven figures.

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