California Underground Car Meet: Tokyo Drift Reborn

Few Cars Here Ugly: Impossibility.

Ah, do you recall the famous parking lot sequence from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift? Gatherings of auto enthusiasts from California found inspiration in it and recreated a similar spirit for their underground meetup on New Year’s. Vehicles spanning all sizes and styles were present, running the gambit from Japanese hatchbacks to European supercars and sedan sports cars.

As expected, many of the vehicles on the scene were street cars. A majority of them were kept basic with minimal modded alterations; some of the more identifiable cars included a cluster of Honda Civic Type R’s and BMW M motor cars. Moreover, there was also an impressive display of Civic EG hatchbacks- an increasingly scarce car that may not last much longer in the years to come.

Tokyo Drift in Real Life: Underground Car Meet California | Loud JDMs, Euros, & Exotics!

Some of the eye-catching automobiles that could be seen at this particular gathering included a brilliant grey Honda S2000 with a Voltex wing and a set of TE37 Rays wheels, a white on white FD3S Mazda RX-7, a range of Acura and Lexus luxury vehicles, and several BMW M3s in various models, like the E46, E92, E90, and F80. The latter is very well-suited to this video, as this car upon some light modifications can make an excellent drifting machine.

It may not last for a lengthy amount of time, yet what can be seen is a wonderful shock: the appearance of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in station wagon type! This is one of the most remarkable mythical creatures of the Japanese domestic market.

Generally, there is a large array of choices for automobile fanatics who are interested in aftermarket modifications. The majority of builds display a moderate degree of reconfiguration, which is definitely beneficial. A few autos emitted rumbling sounds, nevertheless, no smoky drifts nor donuts were present – much to the contentment of viewers.

An overabundance of rowdy behavior sabotages the pleasure for all. An apt illustration: the $600 million bridge constructed by Los Angeles was rapidly shut off to the public while experts created innovative means of enforcing regulatory law, and it was mainly due to the activities of wise-cracking motorists and their admirers.

Fortunately, this footage stands as confirmation that the majority of auto enthusiasts possess the capability to act calmly and with respect.

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