Cheap Performance: Porsche 944 on a Budget

Cheap Porsche Fun: Grab a 944 S

If you look, you can discover numerous inexpensive sports cars all over. Commonly mentioned in “top picks” lists are models such as the Mazda Miata (MX-5), Audi TT, Toyota GR86, and Porsche Boxster.

In the modern era, a Porsche powered by an engine in the front can potentially be one of the most cost-efficient sports cars available. This is especially true with regards to the previous model of affordable and exciting vehicles for passionate drivers.

It’s definitely ignored sometimes as a result of its vintage status and eighties performance, yet the Porsche 944 could potentially be the ideal daily-driver sportscar which presents excellent control, styling, and application in a reasonably priced, analog package.

The one in the snapshot is being put up for sale on Doug DeMuro’s bid website Cars And Bids, and in this video, he reminds us why it could be the right economical sports car if bought wisely.

The Porsche 944 Is an Undervalued Fun Sports Car

A large majority of people tend to think of the Porsche Boxster as a reasonable approach to getting into owning a cost-effective Porsche, yet this video displays why the 1987 Porsche 944 S is thoroughly deserving of consideration for such an investment, and DeMuro elaborates on its qualities – both good and bad.

Rather than traditional rear- or mid-positioned engines, this vehicle opts to provide optimal weight and control distribution. The benefit of this design feature includes a spacious trunk. DeMuro displays the rear seating which would be sensibly suitable for kids or groceries, though not really comfortable for adults. Doug further mentions that Porsche 944 S had an impressive 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 190 hp.

It is totally reminiscent of the 80s with its lineage of the 924, and yet it has a few cheeky additions to it. The stylish fender up close, pop-up headlamps and rubber edging on the back provide an element of playfulness and difference to the facade of the second-hand automobile.

Inside the car it looks typically professional and dressed in black, but out on the highway Doug discloses that its maneuvering, five-speed stick shift, and suspension has been meticulously crafted – there is something reliable and secure about it in his opinion. Displayed on the odometer, the 944 S has breached 137,000 miles, yet the engine was denoting a successful overhaul.

As the Mazda Miata, a rear-wheel drive sports car, it offers effective power with its lightweight 2700 lbs body. An extra 90hp somewhat counterbalances the additional few hundred pounds of weight compared to the MX-5.

The Porsche 944 S typically garners a value of around $15,000. The basic variant retails for only $13,500 and showcases a 145-horsepower engine, making the ‘S’ model the more sensible option. In contrast, the 944 Turbo is valued at about $27,000, though the boost in power was merely 27 horses in excess of the non-turbocharged ‘S’ edition.

Doug unveils that although the 944 is not swift compared to modern vehicles, it still packs power; truly the best feature of this automobile would be its maneuverability. All things considered, if you require an economical sports car that won’t fail on you, you can have faith in his stamp of approval. Therefore, there’s no need to be stuck with a humdrum pre-owned auto.

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