Chinese EV: Giant TV, Measuring Disease Risks

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The ever-growing Chinese electric vehicle sector is thriving. Skywell, an electrical apparatus organization from China, alongside its automotive pinion, Skyworth, is looking to get a piece of the flourishing pie with the newly announced Skyhome sedan. This aesthetically pleasing vehicle is scheduled for production in the future coming year.

Taking its cue from traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics, the EV stands out in the conventional electric vehicle arena with a design reminiscent of classical pavilions – so declares the company in an official press release. One of its noteworthy features is the cornice wing panels on the car, which retract backwards during driving to reduce wind resistance by a remarkable 3 percent. In the wrong weather conditions or during emergency manoeuvres, they tilt up, providing added protection of 5 percent to gain optimum control.

The Skyhome is not just about appearance; the corporation behind its formation divulges the vehicle has to offer something called Ten Smart Butlers. This advanced functionality is driven by Artificial Intelligence algorithms helping proposed a great selection of functions from business coaching to psychological aid. Yes, you heard correctly.

The vehicle’s voice capabilities are extraordinary, offering the capacity to “listen, speak, see, recognize, understand, and think,” enabled by multi-intent voice interaction technology. Even more remarkably, the system also features an intelligent non-contact vital signs monitoring system, designed to detect health problems in their initial stages. Yes, you read that right.

Finally, there’s also a colossal TV for the passengers in the back which can be drawn down from the roof. It is uncertain to ascertain its size, however according to the photos taken, it appears to be much bigger than BMW 7 Series’ that have 31.1-inch displays at the rear.

Skyworth has put significant resources into suspension technology, touting that the new electric sedan boasts one of the most modern air suspensions available. It is designed with a dual-wishbone front configuration, a rear aluminum alloy five-link layout, and a balanced front/rear axle load ratio of 50:50. The entire chassis, which integrates the battery pack as well as serves as the vehicle’s body floor, evidently lowers the number of components by 127 in contrast to common EVs. Additionally, the automaker pledges a weight reduction of 24% when compared to conscientious designs.

No official details concerning the powertrain have been revealed thus far.

Source: Skyworth

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