Chinese Supercar Dances to Beat Rimac Nevera

BYD YangWang U9 Specs Revealed

Fresh news concerning the exceptional YangWang U9 dancing supercar has become available through an application submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The high-end sub-brand of BYD Auto, YangWang, sent in technical information to the governing body, suggesting that the future electric supercar will be stronger than many initially thought.

As documented, the YangWang U9 will feature 4 dissociated electric engines, one located on each wheel with an output of 240 kilowatts per motor providing a sum capability of 960 kilowatts or 1,287 horsepower. This figure surpasses the 1,100 hp projection revealed when the impressive electric supercar was unveiled in January this year.

The MIIT filing made clear that the Chinese supercar will bear a curb weight of 5,456 pounds – relatively hefty for an electric vehicle. By comparison, the tiny Rimac Nevera is 356 pounds lighter than the YangWang U9, the specifications of which have recently been released.

The Nevera has a larger power source, measured by physical dimensions, compared to the Croatian hypercar sporting a 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack in contrast with the comparatively reported 100-kWh LFP BYD Blade cells of the U9. Still, precise range metrics haven’t been released yet though estimations from China suggest it can travel around 435 miles- much more than the Nevera’s certified 340-mile WLTP rating.

The U9 is claimed to have the potential to achieve 0-62 mph in a mere two seconds, putting it right in the middle of the most rapid electric vehicles (EVs) currently spearheaded by the Nevera.

Highlighting the U9, the DiSus-X vehicle body control system enables a three-wheeled driving, jumping and dancing capability; it might seem like merely a party stunt, though true engineering finesse is present. Boasting that their apparatus can with a single move amplify the rigidity by 200%, superior body control is attainable in various motoring circumstances.

The YangWang U9 is readying for its introduction to the Chinese consumer market in 2021; costing not less than one million yuan, equivalent to more than $140,000.

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