See 1,100-HP Electric Supercar Jump Rooftops

Driving a Citroen DS on Three Wheels

Ahead of the forthcoming Shanghai Auto Show, Chinese carmaker BYD revealed their modern e4 platform, including a diverse set of active suspension and chassis gadgets. This was extremly visibly demonstrated when they publicly unveiled their new Yangwang U9 supercar, displaying some stunning maneuverability as all four wheels leave the ground.

The DiSus-X suspension apparatus unites the detached parts so that the Yangwang U9 has the potential to lift every single one of its four tires into the air simultaneously. Opting for this level of transformation, one could assume it’s too much on a prestige car but upon taking everyday vehicles, in addition to high rising pick up trucks and 4x4s into consideration, it becomes clear why it is so advantageous. Moreover, the range of motion is not the be all and end all, it is much more about precise control.

The three distinct systems are: 1) accounting, 2) banking, and 3) financing. Accounting is the process of keeping a record of all financial transactions, while banking consists of the operations associated with taking deposits and making loans. Lastly, financing pertains to obtaining funds from outside sources, such as investors or lenders.

Combined, these components assume domination of the lateral, longitudinal, and vertical actions of the frame. Individually, they can concentrate on executing the necessary task for a designated mode of transport.

As an example, the DiSus-P system can provide an instantaneous 200% increase in stiffness when under rapid deceleration, acceleration, or cornering at high speeds. According to BYD, this system is designed to reduce the “risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the displacement of occupants during full-throttle acceleration, emergency braking, or high-speed cornering.” This system will be featured on the “hardcore off-road” quad-motor Yangwang U8 SUV, where its ability to lift each wheel independently will be particularly beneficial. This technology is even more advanced than the one found on a Range Rover.

The Yangwang U9 has demonstrated a use case for the kind of control that goes beyond the limitations of even the most advanced suspension systems found in cars on the road today. In a second video released, the car was seen rolling along on three wheels – a useful feature in the event of a puncture. Though not a new concept, cars like the legendary Citroen DS didn’t have the same level of control over each corner of the vehicle or the sensing technologies fused with “advanced deep intelligence” that the BYD boasts. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that US consumers will ever get to experience this tech first hand, as it is unlikely that the Chinese automaker will showcase it in the US.

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