Chiron 1,000 HP Audi RS7 Outperforms Bugatti Chiron

Zero-to-Sixty in 2.4 Seconds

Power Division – an obscure tuner based in Poland – has declared a new Stage 4 upgrade for the Audi RS7. Enhancing performance to a stratospheric 1,044 HP and a band-of-torque measuring 883 lb-ft, this remarkable kit is a whopping 453 horses and 293 lb-ft higher than the original V8 which squeezes out 591 HP and 590 lb-ft. Boasting virtually a second motor from the RS5, this package promises screaming results.

Inarguably, this makes for a fantastic performance upsurge. The tweaker states an acceleration speed of 0-62 mph in 2.4 seconds, an exceptionally fast time for a comfort-class vehicle fuelled by an internal combustion engine. What really blows us away, however, is the gear-change speed. Between 62-124 mph, the Power Division Stage 4 RS7 sprints in less than 4.6 seconds – quicker even than a Bugatti Veyron is able to manage!


Power Division provides up-grades for the low- and high-pressure fuel pumps, a brand-new intake assembly, an intercooler unit, competition spark-plugs, a water/methanol injection set-up, as well as a pair of turbochargers upgraded to hybrid versions. The ECU and telemetrics control unit are furthermore remapped with the assistance of Magic Motorsport’s StageX calibration programme. To conclude, the tuner eliminates the Otto Particulate Filter and the 155 mph the soft limiter. There is no known indication whether the 190 mph top speed is increased; however, due to the power boost, the Stage 4 RS7 should plausibly reach 200 mph.

Power Division’s monster vehicle needs a better air flow system to function correctly, hence it comes equipped with its own exhaust manifold and de-catted exhaust pipes. It is conceivable that this car would breach every single sound contamination law available, thus give full consideration to acquiring it prior to making the final choice. Those living in California may need to pass on the opportunity entirely.

Our single preoccupation regards the brakes. The average models are probably not adequate enough to manage the tremendous power boost, so it’s great to observe that this certain unit is designed with Audi’s elective ceramic brakes.

Power Division refrained from going too ambitious with their styling choices, a breath of fresh air in comparison to the norm. Wrapped in Satin Gold, the vehicle is complemented delightfully by the charcoal 22-inch Turismo SF-1 rims and dark body features. Maxton Design, which habitually offers high-class body packages for cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group, supplied the car with a front splitter, side skirts, and spoiler cap. The inside, however, appears to remain untouched.

Power Division specializes in Audi RS models outfitted with the 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 or 4.0-liter twofold turbo V8. It also provides improved turbochargers and exhaust manifolds for the Lamborghini Urus, which employs a modified adaptation of Audi’s V8 engine.

Sadly, the Level 4 kit is exclusive to the RS7 and RS6 models, and so enjoying 1,000+ horsepower in the RS Q8 or Urus is not possible; yet this does has its own upside, in that there are no more highly powered stopping alternatives.

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