Audi RS7 Hits 200 MPH, Time Warps?

Reaching 196 MPH in 22 Seconds

We here at AutoTopNL have taken great pleasure in viewing plenty of Autobahn videos. However, one specific clip was especially impressive — but probably not for the reason that one might expect. Although the Audi RS7 showed off a hefty indicated top velocity of 322 kph (200 mph) during this video, what truly astonished us was its rate of acceleration. In our eyes, this roadway beast is undoubtedly amongst the swiftest-accelerating autos we’ve ever witnessed – and it’s not even a featherweight hypercar!

This RS7 is significantly modified, with an astonishing 1,040 horsepower courtesy of Dutch powerhouse Brex Tuning. The YouTube video suggests that the vehicle has been equipped with MMS Power Division components, such as higher performing turbos, intercoolers, and a reinforced fuel system. It’s easy to see that this Sportback accelerates monstrously; we don’t doubt the purported output. In an impressive eight seconds, the Audi goes from a standing 47 mph to 148 mph – that’s even faster than some cars can reach 60 mph!

The subsequent launch from a dead stop depicted in the video portrays an impressive 0-100 kph acceleration time of 2.8 seconds. The speedometer then continues to rocket up displaying 315 kph, equating to a staggering 196 mph within just 22.6 seconds. Sure, you may achieve faster results with a Bugatti Chiron – but it comes with a price-tag of around $2 million! And that doesn’t include the posibility of taking family or friends, not to mention an abundance of suitcases for the journey.

The intensity of the speed up is obvious, making it without a doubt this altered RS7 can reach way beyond what was expected. Heart-stoppingly, they accomplished the 200 mph benchmark in around 18 seconds starting at 105 mph. In addition, the video demonstrates that the highest velocity measured up to this point is 350 kph or 217 miles per hour. With the needle still pointed towards the higher end of the dial during this trial run, we find no difficulty ahead of believing such an assertion.

If you don’t have a passion for driving a 1000-horsepower Audi, a standard RS7 is still fairly swift. Its turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 boasts 621 hp in Performance form and will get you up to 60 mph in about 3 seconds. Nevertheless, this modified model will quickly overtake it.

Source: AutoTopNL via MotorsportTV

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