1960 El Camino With Hot Rod Style And Upgraded V8 Engine

New vehicle design maintains classic look with updated chassis, suspension, and engine.

While its exterior appearance may resemble that of a standard 1960 Chevrolet El Camino, this particular build has undergone significant modernization to transform it into a comfortable and adequately powered daily driver. The proud owner of this hot rod hauler is Barry Bloomquist, who enlisted the expertise of Roadster Shop Motors to give the car a complete overhaul, starting from the chassis and ending with a stunning blue paint job.

The El Camino first emerged as a stripped skeletal structure, yet Barry meticulously dismantled it and revived it with various contemporary components. Presently, it cruises on a Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis, significantly improving its handling abilities compared to its original state. Additionally, the suspension has been overhauled, equipped with RS SV shocks on every corner and a fresh set of springs fine-tuned for a smooth ride.

Hot Rod Hauler | Barry's Roadster Shop built 1960 El Camino

In order to complement its lower stance, the pickup truck is equipped with three-piece forged RS6 wheels created by Chris Gray. The front wheels measure 18 inches and are paired with 265 tires, while the rear sports a set of 19-inch wheels with 275 rubber.

Opting out of the possibility to become fully electric, this modified El Camino receives a GM LS3 Engine generating a impressive 480 horsepower and mated with a Bowler T56 Magnum six-speed manual gearbox equipped with a McLeod RST clutch.The decision to forgo going all-electric with this El Camino restomod results in the installation of a powerful GM LS3 Motor that cranks out a mighty 480 horses. The engine is expertly coupled with a Bowler T56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission featuring a McLeod RST clutch.

Regarding its fuel requirements, modifications have been made to the vehicle including a larger 25-gallon fuel tank and the installation of a Chevrolet Camaro SS fuel pump equipped with a Vapor Works PWM module. The engine has also been upgraded with a 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust system combined with Borla mufflers and resonators in order to eliminate excessive noise at elevated speeds.

Apart from this, the engine also flaunts 348 409-style valve covers and an air cleaner adapter to achieve a sleek and refined appearance. Bringing all components in harmony, we have a Holly serpentine drive, a CNR crossflow radiator, and a 19-inch PWN fan for optimal cooling.

The inside has been color-coordinated with the outside coat, making it less than ideal for chocolate mishaps. The dashboard closely resembles its original form, yet boasts modernized digital RTX gauges. In addition, a tilt column shifter was added to enhance the driving experience, along with individual bucket seats. Furthermore, a Frigette AC unit has been installed to restore the air conditioning system, while maintaining a timeless 1960s appearance.

A contemporary rendition of the El Camino may cater to fresh and youthful admirers of the brand, however, nothing can truly compare to its timeless appearance, especially when enhanced with fitting enhancements and a striking coat of paint.

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