1020-HP Tesla-Powered Van Rivals Porsche 911 Turbo S in Performance

Tesla Model S Plaid-pDisguised Honda Odyssey Crushes All Challengers

The vehicle on display may appear to be a run-down 2001 Honda Odyssey, but it is actually quite remarkable. Hidden beneath its exterior panels lies the framework, interior, and powertrain of a Tesla Model S Plaid. Aptly dubbed the “Plaidessey,” this creation was constructed by the team at the BoostedBoiz YouTube channel and it has the ability to outperform nearly any other vehicle in a single lap around an oval track.

According to reports, the makers of the Plaidessey were eager to test its performance against some speedy rivals. To do so, they took the vehicle to the Freedom Factory, a popular oval track owned by a famous YouTuber. Despite its simple appearance, the Plaidessey, powered by a Tesla engine, managed to outpace a Tesla Model S and a heavily modified Audi in a thrilling “spectator drag” event. This type of race involves two cars lining up on the oval and competing against each other for a single lap.

Despite its three motors and impressive 1020 horsepower, the Plaidessey is not without its limits. This was evident when the team at BoostedBoiz went up against the owner of the renowned Freedom Factory, Cleetus McFarland, in his modified 991-generation Porsche 911 Turbo S. With additional bolt-ons and increased boost, it’s safe to say that this car likely produces well over the factory-rated 580 hp.As the BoostedBoiz eagerly awaited their chance to take on the Plaidessey, Cleetus pulled up alongside them in his menacing Porsche. The anticipation was palpable as both cars revved their engines, ready to put their power to the test.With a deafening roar, the race began. The Plaidessey launched forward with incredible force, but the Porsche kept pace effortlessly. In a neck-and-neck battle, it quickly became clear that neither car was backing down.As they flew down the track, the Plaidessey’s three motors hummed relentlessly, while the Porsche’s engine let out a powerful growl. It was a sight to behold as these two powerhouse machines fought for supremacy.In the end, it was impossible to determine a clear winner. Both cars were evenly matched, with

Twice around the racetrack, McFarland and the Plaidessey competitors speedily circled the oval. To no one’s surprise, the Porsche emerged victorious in both races. However, the electrified van with a Honda emblem gave a commendable effort, nearly snatching a win on the second round. It is possible that McFarland’s expertise on the course and the van’s bumped body panels played a significant role in determining the outcome.

We can only hope that this won’t be the final appearance of the Plaidessey on the racetrack. By making some slight alterations, it is possible that its performance could be further improved.

The Plaidessey Takes On Spectator Drags!

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