Oldest Bentley Dealer Special Edition Bentayga/GTC

A Treat for the Elite.

If you wished to put together the ideal lordly English braggart, it would unequivocally be a man of distinction – and what better vehicle than a customized Bentley from the maker’s oldest dealer? Of course, his costume would additionally be tailored to perfection on Savile Row. Now, two versions of this exclusive Bentley have been created with this precise patron in mind.

Bentley has unveiled two new Mulliner-built special editions, designed in collaboration with Jack Barclay Bentley (the brand’s longest-serving retailer) and Savile Row tailor, Huntsman. The Huntsman Edition is available on either the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase in Azure trim or Continental GT Speed Convertible, and features a bespoke interior inspired by the “sartorial* heritage” of the esteemed Savile Row tailoring house.

The word “sartorial” is a term that isn’t heard as often anymore, and it refers to a tailor or tailoring. Yet, it can also be used more generally to describe clothing, manners, or a certain style of dress. Furthermore, it can be applied to someone who is at the peak of fashion.

The joint effort between Huntsman, Jack Barclay Bentley, and the Mulliner team for Bentley is focused around Huntsman tailoring with a unique tweed fabric and intricate stitching. The press release also mentions Beluga and Porpoise hide, which are the names of the colors used by Bentley – “hide” likely referring to leather rather than the hides of beluga whales or porpoises. The interior is said to be composed of Damson and Portland leather. Both versions of the vehicle have different exterior paint and color schemes inside.

The Huntsman insignia, which is displayed in an ashen hue, is liberally emblazoned throughout the cabin; popping up on the seats and the floorplates.

“We are delighted to be reigniting our partnership with Bentley’s Jack Barclay, and introducing two new Huntsman models,” declares Campbell Carey, Creative Director of Huntsman. “As Head Cutter and Creative Director of Huntsman, I am honoured to collaborate with such skilled bespoke craftspeople in other industries. By joining forces with the team at Bentley Mulliner, we have been able to create a unique collection of vehicles that combine the iconic style of both Bentley and Huntsman, as well as luxurious engineering and innovation.”

In terms of cost, Bentley has yet to reveal the figures. However, if one were to pose the inquiry—they are likely unable to purchase this product. However, customers can look forward to having a custom tailored Huntsman jacket. Consequently, individuals who might be interested in learning more about these limited editions have the opportunity to do so when the Savile Row Concours takes place on May 24 and 25 in Savile Row, London.

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