Cyberpunk Miata: Ready for Dystopia

Roaming New 2077 Streets

Throughout the last decade, the ever-popular Mazda Miata has experienced an upturn in demand. On a daily basis, numerous customizations are presented online, ranging from aesthetically striking to those that are race ready. A few examples have included one fascinatingly resembling a Ferrari Monza and even another appearing almost as a chrome-coated spacefaring vehicle from ‘The Jetsons’.

What are the steps to fabricate a one-of-a-kind Mazda MX-5? Chris Watson, a native of New Zealand, created a Miata inspired by the popular Sci-fi world of Cyberpunk 2077. Taking cues from the computer game, TV show and board game of the same name, Watson’s endeavor is truly spectacular. What does a first-gen MX-5 from the future resemble?

Cyberpunk Miata Build: Custom LED Tail Light Bar.

Evidently, getting a widebody look is what everybody is after. It’s made even more attention-grabbing thanks to the roof with a dorsal fin that very much resembles Le Mans’ hypercar prototypes such as the Porsche 963 – giving it a truly neat ‘stingray on wheels’ vibe. To top it all off, its creator opted for an in-depth LED treatment; a task which surely required some skill and dedication, as the owner has undertaken the entire project solo. Impressive stuff!

Tofu Auto Works, the builder, did not only give this vehicle a fresh set of taillights and consider it complete. Instead, he created a three-dimensional appearing light bar fabricated from a steel support and two pieces of polycarbonate. Even the rooftop had to be removed for his design – which was then painted – while the roof’s louvers were covered utilizing polycarbonate strips.

As previously noted, the construction is far from complete and is continually advancing. Several months ago, the New Zealander constructor demonstrated how he formed the roof and integrated the custom widebody kit to the car. If you are eager to gain greater knowledge regarding this special Miata, there are several videos on his official channel. Eventually, he even brought it onto the circuit for an exclusive experience.

“Watson is an automotive body-building machine, with a range of eye-catching builds. For instance, the Nissan ‘Sta-GTR’ build is a JDM Nissan Stagea wagon with the face of a Nissan GT-R. For a more conservative look, Watson also created a widebody Mazda Miata.”

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