Dangerous Trend: Distracted Driving with Apple Vision Pro Headsets on the Rise

Dumb and Dangerous: A Double Threat

In the coming years, Apple envisions a world where everyone will be sporting its latest technology, the $3,500 Vision Pro headset, reminiscent of the futuristic dystopian movies we watched in our youth. However, as with any new innovation, there is a learning process, and certain individuals seeking social status are discovering the peril of driving while using the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The video immediately sparked controversy and garnered mixed reactions from viewers.In recent days, numerous videos have surfaced online depicting individuals wearing Apple headsets while operating a vehicle. Among the most popular recordings is one shared by Dante Lentini, an X user, who captured himself typing on an AR keyboard while utilizing his Tesla’s hands-free driving feature on the highway. This footage quickly ignited debate and elicited varying responses from those who watched it.

As reported by Gizmodo, the video was merely a prank, bro. Lentini clarified that he only drove the car for a brief period of 30-40 seconds while wearing the headset. Despite the presence of a police car at the end of the clip, Lentini was not “arrested” or approached by law enforcement, contrary to some speculations.

This video has garnered more than 24.4 million views as of this publication date.

According to recent reports, the majority of Tesla drivers are guilty of driving their cars and Cybertrucks while also wearing a headset. On X forum, a user known as @blakestonks shared a video of someone named Lentini doing exactly that in their Cybertruck, which has since gained over 17 million views.Furthermore, it seems to be a growing trend among Tesla drivers to use headsets while driving. This is a concerning behavior as it can greatly impede one’s ability to focus on the road and surroundings. Additionally, it poses a safety risk not only for the driver but also for other motorists on the road.The post by @blakestonks sheds light on this issue and highlights the need for responsible driving habits among Tesla owners. With the increasing popularity of Tesla cars and trucks, it is crucial that drivers prioritize safety and abide by traffic laws to avoid accidents and potential harm.In conclusion, Tesla drivers have been observed frequently using headsets while driving, which is a cause for concern and needs to be addressed. The video shared by @blakestonks serves as a reminder for all drivers, especially those behind the wheel of powerful and technologically advanced vehicles like Teslas, to prioritize safety and focused driving. Let’s practice responsible driving habits for

Edert Lopez, a popular TikToker, has uploaded numerous videos on his profile showcasing individuals wearing headphones while driving their Teslas. One of his most viewed videos features a person stepping out of a Cybertruck, which currently has approximately 8 million views.

However, it’s not just Tesla drivers who are experiencing this issue.

A recently shared video on the YouTube channel Off The Road presents footage of an individual sporting an Apple Vision Pro while driving a Lamborghini Huracan. The speedometer displays a velocity of at least 60 miles per hour, suggesting the fast-paced nature of the ride. The original source of the video remains unclear.

Driving Lamborghini with Apple Vision on #applevision #lamborghini

The recently released videos have garnered a significant amount of recognition, prompting Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to issue a cautionary statement. In his post on X, Buttigieg makes mention of the Cybertruck video in particular, stating:

“Reminder—ALL advanced driver assistance systems currently on the market necessitate the human driver to maintain control and be fully attentive while operating the vehicle.”

Apple is emphasizing that their headset should not be used while driving. They released a safety notice stating: “Do not operate Apple Vision Pro while driving a vehicle, riding a bike, operating heavy equipment, or in any other circumstances where safety must be prioritized.”

We are aware that it is just a question of time until more foolish individuals decide to drive with headsets on in order to gain attention. If you are contemplating this, please refrain from doing so.

Update: Not long after this article was published, a video surfaced showing someone piloting a real plane while using an Apple headset. This is a concerning situation.

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