Dealers: Selling America’s Worst EV

VinFast targets 125 Nationwide Dealers

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has revealed that 70 dealers have applied to become part of its network in the United States. The company is aiming to increase this number to 125 point-of-sale locations across the country. This decision follows its August announcement to switch from a direct sales model, which was motivated by the interest of various dealers. One of the dealers commented that they could see a demand for a “good product” with a “great warranty,” which VinFast certainly provides.

The entirety of the corporation’s electric cars boast a 10-year/125,000-mile guarantee for the car and a 10-year/unrestricted-mile assurance for its battery. In spite of this, other impediments have hindered the important development of the automaker.

We were fortunate enough to try out the VinFast VF 8 earlier this year, however much like other testers have found, our sample had some manufacture inadequacies, from gaps between parts to a unpolished set of safety features. Additionally, initial vehicles in the US only provided 179 miles of range. Although VinFast moved with alacrity to make distinct betterments, the overhauled VF 8 Eco was only able to span 207 miles with the SK battery installed. Subsequently, using the CATL power cell, the car can traverse up to 264 miles on a single charge; however, these complaints should have been identified and dealt with prior to its launch.

Despite its dependability concerns and wariness on behalf of shoppers regarding both international automakers and electric vehicles in particular – particularly from a nascent firm – the future looks bleak for VinFast; however, with so many merchants keen to obtain their wares, there may still be opportunity for recovery.

A major potential source of significant growth could be a reasonably priced electric vehicle, which appears to be ever-more improbable with each different day. Brands like Ford and GM have had to add charges to their inaugural EVs numerous times, and even Tesla is facing challenges when it comes to manufacturing an economical EV for the everyday consumer.

An economically-friendly EV from an American car manufacturer might be yet to emerge, and VinFast is thinking about plugging this hole with the VF 3. This car could purportedly be sold in the USA for less than $20,000, even prior to tax cuts. With these incentives taken into account, the VF 3 could likely cost approximately $12,500.

As VinFast’s dealer network continues to expand, it carries vast potential. However, if the carmaker is able to offer competitive electric vehicles as a part of their lineup, that possible outcome will be guaranteed success.

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