Designing New Batmobile: Datsun Reality

Tesla-Powered Car Emerges from Renderings
Full Carbon Fiber Widebody 400hp Electric Datsun Z From The Creative Mind of Ash Thorp

Through the years, there have been a multitude of impressive car renderings which display astounding interpretations of pre-existing cars. Most of these online drawings never go any farther than a simple photoshopped design. Yet, this Datsun 240Z became one of the select few that really transformed itself into a real car. And it’s quite a spectacle!

The concept was initially envisioned by Ash Thorp. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s the designer behind the Batmobile for the upcoming The Batman movie in 2022. This artist has a rich portfolio, having collaborated with various car manufacturers such as De Tomaso, Lamborghini, and more. Working together with Carlos Pecino from Make Haste Corp., they created this stunning matte black Datsun. This new project is what marks the beginning of their partnership.

A few distinct elements are evident from an aesthetic standpoint. To start, we appreciate the location of the side cameras that serve as side view mirrors – they are covertly concealed in special housings situated on the doors. The hugely oversized diffuser at the rear is an additional focal point, and the carbon fiber wheel caps covering the BBS multi-spoke alloy rims further bolster the outlandish ‘Batmobile’-esque design – all complemented by the sleek side skirts.

Gone is the stock 2.4-liter inline-six engine which has been replaced by a Tesla-sourced wholly electric powertrain. Bespoke to the Datsun, a Model S electric motor sits on the rear axle, contributing 401 horsepower – an impressive three times more powerful than the original 240Z. Bearing in mind it weighs only 2,500 or so pounds, it’s rather lightweight in comparison to its Japanese counterpart.

The inner aesthetic? As can be expected, barely a handful of components have been derived from the 240Z. This custom setup involves a trio of dials in the middle, an Equinox steering wheel from Chevy, a digitalized instrument board and a substantial middle console.

Source: Larry Chen on YouTube

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