Despite 316k Miles, 1991 Honda CRX Si Surprises with Pristine Appearance

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UPDATE: The auction is now closed and the CRX Si with a clean history and high mileage was sold for $11,500. Was this selling price considered too expensive or perhaps too low? Share your feedback in the comments section below.After a highly anticipated auction, the CRX Si with impressive maintenance records and a high number of miles finally found its new owner. But the burning question remains, was it sold for an exorbitant price or did it fall short of its true value? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Have you ever laid eyes on a Honda with more than 300,000 miles on it? It’s not an uncommon occurrence, but how about a pristine 1991 CRX Si? That’s exactly what is up for auction on Cars & Bids, with the odometer reading a staggering 316,553.3 miles as shown in the accompanying photos. To put that into perspective, this car has traveled enough distance to reach and orbit the moon, and even make part of the return journey before splashing down. However, despite its astronomical mileage, this iconic hot hatch appears to have aged flawlessly.

Act quickly if you wish to make a bid, as we have discovered this listing towards the end of the bidding period with only four hours remaining at the time of writing. In case you are reading this after 1:30 pm Eastern on Friday, you will need to contact the new owner via email to express your interest. Additionally, you should be prepared to offer more than the current high bid of $6,600.

This CRX is in exceptional condition, which is quite surprising. It would be impressive for a car with 100,000 miles, let alone one that has over three times that amount. According to the auction description, it has always been a California car, which explains its lack of rust. The vehicle also comes with some maintenance records, including recent work done in October on important engine components such as the timing belt. Photos were taken during this process, revealing a meticulously clean 16-valve head on top of the block. Although some of the 108 horsepower may have diminished over the years, the CRX Si still weighs less than 2,000 pounds. The driver’s seat has also been reupholstered around the same time, but the rest of the interior remains original and looks stunning.

What about the mechanics? There have been reports of a grating sound coming from the transmission when in first gear and revving between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm, but the vehicle seems to still function properly. In November, a variety of suspension repairs were performed, and the catalytic converter was fixed in 2020. Additional maintenance was completed in 1999 with a fresh coat of paint, although the car’s original and stunning color, Tahitian Green Pearl, was preserved.

The CRX being sold has a few dents and dings, and the paint near the sunroof is slightly bubbly, which may not make it flawless. However, some individuals may see these “imperfections” as unique qualities that elevate this CRX above perfection. With the mileage being significantly high, it is difficult to predict the final bidding price. Nonetheless, considering its age, color, features, and mostly unaltered state, we can confidently speculate that the final bid will be an unexpected amount.

Would you like to challenge us on that wager? Share your top estimate for the ultimate bidding price in the comment section below.

Source: Cars & Bids

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