Discount Tesla Model 3s Now Available as Hertz Reduces EV Fleet

Grab a low-mileage Model 3 for under $20,000.

It appears that Hertz is struggling with their venture into electric vehicles. According to Reuters, the car rental company is reducing their electric fleet by 20,000 cars. This means that a significant number of electric vehicles will no longer be a part of Hertz’s lineup. Although Hertz does have other brands besides Tesla with electric options, Tesla seems to make up the majority of their electric offerings.Rewritten: The concept of incorporating electric cars into their services has not been successful for Hertz. As reported by Reuters, the rental company is downsizing their fleet of electric vehicles by 20,000 cars. This move indicates that a considerable number of electric cars will no longer be available at Hertz. Despite featuring other EV brands, it seems that Tesla plays a dominant role in Hertz’s electric selection.

This means that there may be some bargains to be found if you’re interested in purchasing a Model 3 for your own garage and don’t mind buying one that has been used as a rental. A brief glance at Hertz’s sales webpage indicates that there are currently 672 Teslas available for purchase out of a total of 712 electric vehicles, with the lowest price starting at just above $20,000. After thorough searching, we came across a 2021 Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD, which is being sold for $20,125 and has 92,789 miles on the clock. While there are only three pictures accompanying the listing, the exterior appears to be in decent condition. Additionally, the battery is still protected by Tesla’s factory warranty for up to 100,000 miles.

Is purchasing a pre-owned electric rental something to be wary of? According to Reuters, Hertz’s decision to decrease its electric vehicle inventory is due to the hefty expenses for repairs, and it’s no secret that most rental cars receive less-than-tender treatment during their time on the job.

Despite initial concerns about the cost, owning an electric vehicle (EV) may actually have its advantages. Hertz explicitly mentions that collision repairs can be a major expense, but fortunately, this is not a concern for EV buyers. Additionally, the maintenance of traditional components like transmissions and engines, such as fluid replacements, is not necessary for an EV. Moreover, in the United States, used EVs priced below $25,000 may qualify for a tax credit of $4,000. This brings down the price of a Model 3, which was mentioned earlier, to a tempting $16,125.

It appears that people are also feeling the allure. A few Model 3s that were once listed for less than $20,000 have already been sold. As I wrote this brief article, the quantity of Teslas on sale decreased from 672 to 669.

Is Hertz completely withdrawing from EVs and Teslas? We have contacted them with several inquiries regarding their future plans, but we have yet to receive a response. We will provide an update if we receive a reply.

Source: Reuters

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