Discover a Bentley-Inspired Ducati

Diavel V4: 500 Bikes with Bentley Design

Bentley’s very last interior combustion-powered variant is the eye-wateringly expensive Batur coupé, costing a whopping $2.1 million each. Just eighteen of these 740 horsepower grand tourers will leave their factory gates, and to pay homage, Ducati is creating an exclusive run of 550 motorcycles. Is it peculiar? Yeah, but the bike sure looks fabulous.

If you weren’t aware, Ducati is an auxiliary division of Lamborghini, which in turn is linked to the Audi apex. Audi itself is part of the Volkswagen conglomerate unsurprisingly, which not only has links to Bentley, but also allows for possible collaborations between the British luxurious brand and the Italia bike corporation. As we know, the response to this queries is usually: Germans.

“The Diavel V4 is truly a beast, even before it gets any Batur-inspired touches. Its 1.2-liter V4 ‘Granturismo’ engine produces an impressive 168 horsepower, and with a few aesthetic alterations, it is transformed into a Bentley-branded bike.”

The striking hue of Scarab Green comes directly from Bentley’s extravagantly luxurious Mulliner Palette. It also corresponds to the Forged wheels found on the Batur – a near-perfect match. To really bring the two and four-wheeled vehicles together, Ducati and Bentley designers joined forces in harmonizing components such as the air intakes, front fender, fairing, and fuel tank – all crafted in a way that speaks to the extravagant $2.1-million coupe.

A total of 500 standard examples of the bike will be built at a price of $70,000 per unit, but an additional 50 so-called “Diavel for Bentley Mulliner” bikes will be offered to Bentley Mulliner customers. These privileged clients can customize their motorcycles’ color and trim to their own preference, with a wide range of options available. However, they’ll need to part with $90,000 to secure one.

Claudio Domenicali, the CEO of Ducati, has stated that “by the end of the week it will be completely sold out.” The Italian motorcycle maker is now taking deposits on the bikes, with deliveries expected to start in summer 2021. This is great news for those who have been eagerly awaiting the new models, and it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer.

Snaps taken by Jeff Perez now highlight Motor1. Special lenses and lights were used to capture impressive visuals of the popular ride. Striking images from Jeff Perez are currently highlighting Motor1. By utilizing certain lenses and lights, he was able to take awe-inspiring shots of the well-known car.

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