Mulliner Gives Bentley Batur A Matching Ducati Diavel

500 Exclusively For Batur; 500 for Everyone Else

The sort of individual who can manage to purchase an 18-unit Bentley Batur must obviously take joy in their two-hued thrills in similarly low-volume order, and now Ducati and Mulliner have gratified those wishes with a unique version of the Diavel superbike. This is not Ducati’s first venture with another Volkswagen Group-held firm (Ducati is possessed by Audi, all things considered), taking into account a Diavel 1260 motivated by the Lamborghini Sian in 2020 and progressively, a Streetfighter V4 S with Huracan STO accents last year.

“The Ducati Diavel for Bentley Mulliner is evidence of the growing popularity of custom motorcycles. But don’t think that these bikes are becoming more ubiquitous because they’re being built with any less precision and passion. This special edition model has a completely new design, custom components, and a dedicated livery that set it apart from its peers. It’s clear that Ducati and Bentley Mulliner have put a great deal of thought and effort into creating this one-of-a-kind ride.”

The G1,158cc Granturismo motor remains unaltered, yielding an impressive 168 horses. Which is more than enough; due to its baseline lightweight stature of just 520 pounds, this sport bike is incredibly nimble.

The introduction of Ducati and Bentley’s first joint endeavour is being shown off right now as this piece is written at Art Basel in Miami, Florida’s version of the European art show and the ideal location for two high-end brands to display their luxurious products.

As it stands, we can perceive that the special edition is based on the beloved Diavel V4 engine configuration – a style which fellow Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) brand Porsche is also researching. The Centro Stile Ducati worked together with Bentley’s designers to incorporate aspects from Batur – including the eye-catching Scarab Green hues found in Mulliner’s selection. Another feature they applied were exclusive forged wheels that imitate Batur’s rims. Matching this, the Dark Titanium Satin coat dominates the design, highlighted by machined surfaces.

In a different area, the side air intakes adopt the same two-colored mesh appearance as found on the Batur’s grille. The triangle shaped rear reflectors, front mudguards, fairings, and gas tank (which all imitate the ridges that adorn the hood of the automobile) extend the imitation. Needless to say, a considerable amount of carbon fiber parts are used, including fenders, headlight shield, engine cover, exhaust pipes, radiator covers, radiator shrouds, side panels, and tailbox – this latter can be traded for a rider seat if desired.

The chair is featured in black Alcantara with a striking red fabric accent, adorning the same hue as the brakes.

Around 550 units of this model will be produced; out of which, 50 are just for the exclusive patronage of Mulliner customers. Each of these bikes can be highly personalized in terms of the size of the seat, front brake structure, carbon elements, as well as the kind of rims utilized. Indeed, a blockbuster such as the Bacalar can be accessorized to an owner’s precise requirements through these features.

The cost of STO remains a puzzling question; however, if its bicycle serves as anything to go by, they are sure to sell out in no time.

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