Dissecting the Toyota 2GR Engine Offers Valuable Lessons in Failure and Perseverance

Lexus ES 350 provided the engine.

The Toyota 2GR has built a reputation for its exceptional reliability, but even the best engines are susceptible to breakdowns. In a recent video, speedkar99, a popular YouTube channel, explored the cause of a failed engine sourced from a Lexus ES 350, one of many cars that uses the infamous 2GR engine.Despite its reputation for being incredibly reliable, the Toyota 2GR is not completely immune to breakdowns. After obtaining a broken engine from a Lexus ES 350, speedkar99, a well-known YouTube channel, delved into the reasons behind the failure of such a famously dependable engine.

To begin the demonstration, the host utilized a borescope to examine the state of the 3.5-liter V6 without disassembling it. It was revealed that the intake valves were misshapen, potentially colliding with the pistons during operation. Afterwards, the valve cover was taken off in order to reach the camshaft assembly.

The Toyota 2GR 3.5L V6 Engine is a Legacy in a World of 4 Cylinder Turbos

The components appeared to have a grimy appearance, likely due to the owner neglecting crucial oil changes. Despite having racked up 132,352 miles, the situation showed surprisingly minimal signs of damage. A deeper shade of oil was evident on other segments of the cam setup. Upon further examination of the oil filter and pan, fragmented metal pieces were discovered that clearly did not belong there.

Upon uncovering the timing cover, the speaker observed a problem: several bolts were absent from the cam gear on the back intake bank. It was determined that these bolts had gradually loosened and fallen out. This caused the camshaft to become misaligned, resulting in the valves coming into contact with the pistons and becoming bent. Consequently, the valves became stuck in an open state.

The dismantling phase of the project continued as the components inside the engine block were taken apart, including the pistons. It was no surprise to find that the piston heads connected to the bent valves had also suffered damage. Upon inspecting the crankshaft assembly, it appeared to be in decent condition, with only some minor scratches on the bearings.

Toyota has recently announced a mandatory recall for all vehicles equipped with the 2GR engines, in order to address a specific issue. However, this recall does not include the GS 450h model. It appears that the exceptionally seamless driving experience of the hybrid GS has prevented any potential risk of bolts becoming loose and causing problems.

For the past twenty years, the engine has been in manufacturing and was incorporated into popular models such as the Toyota Camry and Lexus ES. Along with its reputation for dependability, the engine also possesses impressive capabilities, evidenced by its use in the supercharged Lotus Emira that boasts a staggering 400 horsepower.

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