R.I.P. Toyota Camry V6 engine

Try the New Camry with a Hybrid Engine!

The all-new Toyota Camry of 2025 is limited to a hybrid model, meaning that the beloved V6 engine has been completely eradicated. In its place stands the four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain, which itself is a fine choice – though we can’t help but feel melancholic about the retirement of the marvellous 2GR naturally-aspirated V6 unit.

Though the outgoing Camry utilised the up-to-date 2GR-FSE variation of the engine, we can’t neglect that the 3.5 has been under the hood of some incredible cars since it was launched back in 2002. It’s predecessor, the 1GR, still furnishes the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 in a number of countries, and the 2GR-FE propelled the Lotus Evora, Lotus Evora S (supercharged), the Lotus Evora Le Mans vehicle, as well as the present day Lotus Emira.

The defunct 3.5L V6 is one of the main premises as to why we’d name the 2020 Camry TRD as the best Camry ever produced.

2020 Toyota Camry TRD Test Drive Review: The Coolest One Yet

Some may be skeptical about a performance-oriented Camry, but the TRD proved them wrong. Its V6 produced a powerful total of 301 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque, leading to a dash from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds. However, it felt quicker than that figure thanks to the louder roar generated from the TRD cat-back exhaust system. The 2GR can easily be identified as one of the best-sounding V6s on offer, joining the ranks of great engines like Alfa Romeo’s Busso and Ferrari’s Dino motor.

To be frank, it was inevitable and we’d predicted it in an early synopsis. With the exception of high-end models, almost no cars with six cylinders remain; even traditional V8s have been supplanted by twin-turbocharged I6 powerplants.

The premature passing of the Kia Stinger, as well as the Honda Accord’s lack of V6 option upon its introduction, signify the nearing elimination of V6-driver sedans. Though stock of the Nissan Maxima can still be found at certain retailers, the company ceased manufacturing the model a few months ago.

A baseline Dodge Charger will still be fitted with a 3.6-litre V6 engine, but it is to be replaced shortly. Rumour has it that the next instalment of Chargers will most likely have as its base model a turbocharged four cylinder, while V8s are anticipated to be exchanged for an up to date twin-turbocharged Hurricane inline-six.

Unfortunately, that’s what is required for forward development. The new Camry has a cross breed powertrain which produces 225 horsepower with FWD and can reach up to 232 horsepower should you buy it with AWD. It cannot compare to the V6 engine but Toyota will likely introduce an electrically powered variation with the recently invented 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder motor.

HybridMax furnishes this powertrain with a commanding 340 horsepower and an impressive amount of torque available from the moment you press the pedal. Acceleration far surpasses that of V6 Camrys, and coupled with its enhanced fuel efficiency, it’s without a doubt an exceptional vehicle.

Although we have relinquished the distinctive features of a six-cylinder motor, the Camry persists as one of the most attractive buys available and we envision its outstanding sales achievement will continue for several years ahead.

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