Drive Four Generations of Toyota Supra at This Hotel

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Toyota has teamed up with the Fuji Speedway Hotel to stage a unique test drive event, featuring four generations of the iconic Supra: Celica XX, A70, A80, and the new GR Supra.

The Supra Winter Festival, organized by Toyota Gazoo Racing and the Vintage Club in conjunction with Kinto, will not transpire at the Fuji International Speedway, instead occurring on public roads near the hotel. As one of the most famed Japanese Domestic Models ever, appreciating the Supra in a variety of forms is an incredible chance.

In order to take part in the test drive, travelers must plan a journey to Japan and book accommodation at the Fuji Speedway Hotel. The available times to book are from December 15th 2023 up until January 14th 2024.

On January 21 and 22 the Supra event will provide up to four rooms per timeslot, with a duration of 30 minutes per car. To safely take part in the experience you require not only an accepted driver’s license for Japan but must also be capable of either fluently speaking Japanese or have a translator on-hand to comprehend road and safety regulations.

Individuals who are set to try the GR Supra will should organize themselves for a six-speed manual transmission. This means those with solely an AT driver’s permit will not be eligible to be involved.

The Celica XX was the title’s 2nd generation representation, produced from 1981 to 1985. When the third-gen Supra A70 was rolled out in 1986, its sporty demeanor had changed from front-wheel driven to rear-wheel drive. In addition, the 1JZ motor was incorporated – esteemed as one of the most reliable power plants.

The remarkable Toyota Supra A80, sometimes referred to as the Supra Mk4, assumed the place of its A70 predecessor in 1993. One reason this era is so highly desired is due to its capacity for tuning with the storied 2JZ engine. It has become an emblem of pop culture, adding to its allure. After a span of nine years, the Japanese manufacturer revived the model in 2019 and labeled it the GR Supra.

Aside from the testing event, Toyota will furthermore organize a communal dinner at the Trofeo Italian Emerald Room on January 21. The dinner is composed of a five-course, Italian cuisine and all drinks included. Attendees will have the pleasure of devouring dishes together while hearing folklore from restoration gurus, gaining insights about an icon straightaway from the experts who are most familiar with it.

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