850-HP Japanese Icon: Barn Find for TJ Hunt

Restoring a Classic Toyota Supra with YouTube Star

TJ Hunt’s fame comes largely from his fervent appreciation of the Toyota Supra. In recent days, he has devoted a lot of time to his upgraded GR gear box-fitted Supra. Despite the focus on the 2023 Tokyo Supra model, Showstopper TJ still holds a special place in his heart for the antique A80 sports motorcar.

One of the most discernible vehicles accumulating dirt in his garage is a stylish representation of a MK4 Toyota Supra. In TJ Hunt Clips’ recent YouTube video, he has concluded it is time to spruce up the automobile and restore it correctly.

Barnyard Find Toyota Supra!

TJ Hunt’s iconic Toyota Supra A80 has been collecting dust in the corner of his garage. Jovially referring to it as a ‘barn find’ due to its resemblance to a disregarded antique, he is finally deciding to restore its appearances and embark on the job that it takes to put it back to perfection.

Despite this aged Supra seeming to be something that had languished in disrepair for many years, the engine roars as it’s stripped away from the garage. He discusses how it has endured some distressing use during its lifespan and is starting to reflect it.

The hood requires re-alignment, the front bumper is requiring fibreglass fixes due to the many spider cracks on it, the arches contain exposed metal, a parking lot incident has caused a dent in the back, and the engine bay has become very discoloured.

After a good scrub, the sun’s rays truly bring out the beauty of this vehicle, and many onlookers may be curious as to why TJ is so passionate about restoring it. He puts an immense amount of effort when it comes to repairing cars, and no detail is left unnoticed in order to get them into perfect condition. There are multiple minute problems with this classic Toyota Supra MK4, so muchso that he is even giving thought to a full repaint.

He’s never been a huge supporter of having black cars due to the challenge of keeping them clean. This is going to be the ideal chance to switch up the color of his classic A80 Toyota Supra sports car. Despite what his admirers are saying, he doesn’t want to give it a white or British racing green coat of paint.

TJ has always held a firm conviction that the ideal shade for this model is the traditional hue of red. There’s no doubt that, when the refurbishments are finalized, this Supra will be a head-turner, commanding the attention of all who behold it.

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