Reviving Retro: Nissan’s Cube Restored Through New Factory Service

Revamp Your Cube: Transforming Service for Owners Seeking a Fresh Start

Nissan has recently announced a new service, called Cube Retro Renovation, in which Nissan Cube enthusiasts can finally give their beloved quirky city cars the care and attention they deserve at the hands of professionals. However, this exciting opportunity is currently only available to owners in Japan.After years of wishing for a dedicated service for their unique vehicles, Nissan Cube owners can now rejoice. The automaker’s introduction of Cube Retro Renovation allows them to entrust their cars to qualified experts who will give them the TLC they need. Unfortunately, this exclusive service is currently limited to customers in Japan.

Nissan has introduced a one-of-a-kind restomod service that completely revamps the traditional boxy design of the Nissan Cube. This innovative service is offered as a certified pre-owned (CPO) deal, allowing customers to purchase a remastered Cube directly from Nissan. The service offers a variety of packages, categorized as “Custom” and “Refresh” styles, for customers to select from.

Revitalize centers around giving the Cube a brand new appearance in the showroom. Worn-out or deteriorated cosmetic elements are refreshed or substituted. This involves renewing the carpeting, interior trims, and outer components such as the headlights, rubber moldings, and wiper blades. If deemed necessary, damaged or worn parts will also be swapped out by Nissan.


Buyers also have the option to take the “Custom” path, giving them the opportunity to select from a wide range of personalized accessories and modifications. These options are extensive, featuring a two-tone paint design, unique 3D cube graphics, and hubcaps color-coordinated to match the car’s exterior. Additionally, buyers can elevate the typically dull black plastic interior by opting for luxurious leather upholstery.

For those unwilling to purchase the complete package, Nissan offers the option of purchasing individual accessories such as the roof rack. This allows customers to customize their selection according to their needs. For those willing to splurge, the total price is ¥1,685,293 (around $11,400), which is more affordable compared to other restored classic cars and a much lower cost than the average new car in the US.

The renowned Cube Retro Restoration offering is truly exceptional; limited to only 20 vehicles being restored. It is certainly delightful to witness a treasured Japanese automobile (that is not the traditional choice for restoration) being given attention and care by the manufacturer.

If things go well, the initiative may attract a specific group of enthusiasts, enabling Nissan to keep reviving the Cube. It is possible that they could incorporate newer, more efficient engines with increased horsepower. Even better, Nissan could also introduce an electric version. A transition to an electric engine would be a great fit for the persona of this compact vehicle, unlike some previous and contentious EV modifications we have witnessed before.

Back in 2009, the US market saw the debut of Nissan’s Cube, but unfortunately, it was swiftly discontinued after a mere five years. Presently, if one desires a compact and budget-friendly option from Nissan, their choices are limited to the Versa Sedan or Kicks, both lacking the unique charm of the Cube. Thus, the closest substitute available now would be the Kia Soul.

As a sidenote, Nismo, the in-house tuner of Nissan, provides a comparable service for vintage Skyline GT-Rs, enabling owners to preserve their beloved vehicles in their original state.

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