Eco-Friendly Jeep Wagoneer S: The US’s Answer to the Range Rover Velar Leak

Unintentionally shared photos were swiftly removed from Jeep’s social media pages.

Only seven days following a sneak peek, the Wagoneer S has been exposed before its official unveiling, giving us an initial look at the fully electric SUV. Initially spotted by Mopar Insiders, the pictures were made public by Jeep’s official Facebook account. The photographs were hastily removed, but as we all know, the internet has a way of preserving things eternally.

Despite some recognizable Jeep design elements, the Wagoneer S sets itself apart with a more streamlined and sophisticated appearance compared to other models from the brand. It appears that the Stellantis-owned company may have drawn inspiration from competitors, as hints of Range Rover can be seen throughout the design. The side view, especially towards the back, bears a resemblance to the Velar, while certain details are reminiscent of the Evoque. Additionally, the front fascia features a nod to the Land Rover Range Stormer concept.

Revised: The incorporation of recessed door handles contributes to the stylish appearance and is expected to enhance aerodynamic efficiency and increase range.

When it comes to aerodynamics, the Wagoneer S stands out with its distinctive rear spoiler that extends from the roof trim and over the rear windshield, giving it a sporty look. This design mimics the classic squared-off style of a SUV while also giving it a sleeker coupe-like silhouette. However, while this may potentially enhance its range, it could also have a negative impact on headroom.

Some noteworthy features include the dual-color exterior (potentially an add-on), vast sunroof, and artificial front grille designed with the iconic seven openings. Overall, it boasts a striking appearance and is sure to cause some competition for other upscale electric vehicles upon its release in the coming months.

Although it bears the iconic Wagoneer moniker, the electric variant distinguishes itself from its full-sized predecessors, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs. The most notable difference being its complete reliance on electricity as a power source, and contrary to its name, it shares a similar scale with the Grand Cherokee.

Jeep has announced a powerful 4xe drivetrain with dual motors, promising a formidable 600 horsepower and an impressive 0-60 mph acceleration in just 3.5 seconds. These impressive numbers lead us to anticipate that the upcoming Wagoneer S will be a high-performing electric vehicle designed primarily for road use.

Don’t let this fool you, as it will still have the capability to conquer minor off-road challenges – after all, it is a Jeep. The inclusion of an all-terrain management system will come standard, but if your heart is set on an electric Jeep for your off-roading adventures, it may be wise to hold out for the Recon model which is slated for release later this year.

Jeep is set to introduce its initial all-electric vehicle, the Wagoneer S, in the United States (in Europe, the brand offers a compact EV called the Avenger). The production of this highly anticipated vehicle is expected to take place at the Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico. It is noteworthy that the Wagoneer S will utilize the STLA Large platform, which is the foundation for numerous upcoming Stellantis EVs within the next five years.

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