Peek at New Jeep Wagoneer: 4 Screens, Range Rover Design

Unseen Surprises in the Second Row Await Us

Jeep has been steadily building anticipation for its upcoming global debut of the Wagoneer S, which will be the brand’s first-ever battery electric vehicle. In a recent development, we are finally granted a glimpse inside the SUV’s interior, revealing a futuristic and digitally-equipped cabin, in line with our expectations.The American automaker has been keeping details about the Wagoneer S under wraps, but this sneak peek gives us a better understanding of what to expect from the highly awaited electric SUV. The newly released images showcase a sleek and modern design, dominated by multiple screens and advanced technology features.The first thing that catches the eye is the large touchscreen display that takes center stage on the dashboard. This serves as a control panel for various functions such as climate control, audio, and navigation. Other screens can also be seen throughout the cabin, providing information and controls for different aspects of the vehicle.In addition to the screens, the Wagoneer S boasts luxurious interior accents, including leather upholstery and premium wood trimmings. The combination of these high-end elements and cutting-edge technology creates a sophisticated and comfortable driving experience.The success of the Wagoneer S will be crucial in expanding Jeep’s market reach and competing with other major players in the electric vehicle market. With

“When we use the term ‘full,’ we are referring to the complete width of the dashboard being filled with various displays. In total, there are four screens that can be observed: a digital instrument cluster specifically designed for the driver, a spacious central infotainment screen, a display dedicated to the front passenger, and a control screen for the HVAC system.”

Although not explicitly shown in the images, it seems that the main and passenger displays are smoothly merged beneath a singular glass panel. This is accentuated by a customizable ambient LED strip lining the entire front compartment.

The automobile also includes buttons, however these seem to operate as touch-sensitive controls under the main screen. This display offers touch controls for seat heating and ventilation. The screen designated for the passenger showcases entertainment options that are not accessible to the driver. Additionally, the lower screen features controls for massage seats for both the driver and passenger. It even offers the choice to completely deactivate the display.

The photos also display the non-circular handlebar, decorated with the emblem of Wagoneer in the middle, representing the opulent sub-brand of Wagoneer.

Jeep recently disclosed information about the interior of the Wagoneer S, highlighting its “premium technology seamlessly integrated with meticulously crafted artisan details.” Additionally, the vehicle features a dual-pane panoramic sunroof as well as the exclusive Selec-Terrain controls by the rotary “gear” shifter, which is a signature of the Jeep brand. As for in-cabin entertainment, drivers can enjoy a top-of-the-line experience with the 19-speaker McIntosh premium audio system – widely regarded as one of the highest quality sound systems in the automotive industry.

New photos of the exterior design for the Jeep Wagoneer S have recently been released, despite already being leaked earlier on. The images provide further insight into the sleek and mysterious appearance of the vehicle, which closely resembles those captured in the leaks. The iconic two-tone color scheme remains prominent, as well as the striking rear spoiler that extends over the black roof and onto the rear windshield. After having some time to process the design, we can’t help but notice its American spin on the popular Range Rover Velar – a positive comparison indeed.

The latest edition of the Jeep Wagoneer S will be positioned as the flagship model on the STLA Large framework, giving rise to multiple Stellantis electric vehicles by 2026. These futuristic cars encompass the long-awaited electric version of the renowned Dodge Charger, alongside other models featuring battery capacities ranging from 85 to 118 kWh.

Jeep is set to unveil the complete details of their new Wagoneer S before it hits the market this autumn.

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