Jeep Discloses 2024 BEV Recon Moab, Wagoneer

Preview of the Future: Las Vegas Invite-Only Event

Last week, Stellantis hosted an impressive gathering at the notable MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV specifically for its US-based vendors. Therein, several recognizable ideas were showcased alongside the Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S, two electric SUVs which are to be made available in stores as of 2024. Back in September, these models unveiled themselves for the first time; however, now, courtesy of the Jeep Recon Forum, we can observe them with our own eyes.

Stellantis has also added the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT, Ram 1500 Revolution and Chrysler Airflow versions to its lineup. Although only the Ram has appeared in its actual production form yet, it seems to be far more similar to the current standard-gasoline-powered Ram 1500.

It’s anticipated that both Dodge and Chrysler are going to produce their concept vehicles, though the specifics remain under wraps. Of course, it was the array of Jeeps that commanded the spotlight. Most prominent being the Recon Moab 4xe (as seen in the picture), which runs on the STLA Large platform and is fitted with a 4WD capabilities powered by an electric motor – capacity still unknown. Jeep states that it is making this all-electric model as a companion to its timeless Wrangler vehicle.

At present, we can view the American-constructed Recon as a modern electric substitute for the Wrangler. Its boxy design and seven opening radiator grille (that doesn’t necessitate ventilation due to no gas engine) coupled with chunky wheel panels all exude the iconic Jeep aura. Plus, the fact that it’ll incorporate Selec-Terrain control system, unibody protection, rear locker axle technology, tow hooks, and thick trail tires promise an awesome off-roading experience. At the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah next month, we should finally get the chance to witness this first-hand.

For those looking for a luxury EV, the Wagoneer S is a direct competitor to the Cadillac Lyriq. Both models are based on the STLA architecture and boast impressive power outputs. The Wagoneer S has an impressive 600 horsepower, a “targeted” range of 400 miles on one charge, and a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. The Lyriq, by comparison, has 500 hp, a 307-mile all-electric range, and a 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds. It is important to note that the Wagoneer S is not simply a fully electrified version of the gas-powered Wagoneer; it is a completely different vehicle altogether.

When placed side-by-side, it’s immediately clear that the Wagoneer S (the official name still to be announced) has been given a modern makeover. Its seven-slot grille has been revamped with LED lighting, and its roofline has been given a coupe-like look. Additionally, a unique wing design dips beneath the D-pillars. Although the Wagoneer S is expected to be a capable off-roader, it does not yet have the coveted “Rubicon Trail Rated” title.

Within, the Jeep Wagoneer S is anticipated to display similar measurements to the Grand Cherokee, implying it will offer a two-row seating layout. It has recently been rumored that Jeep will soon welcome reservations for the Wagoneer S; however, no definite date has come out yet. This, however, may soon change.

Next week more information is anticipated to come from the 2023 New York Auto Show, presuming both EV Jeeps will be made visible for the public to have a viewing.

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