Electric G-Class by Mercedes-Benz: Exclusively Made for the Next Generation

New Mercedes MMA not utilized in construction.

Markus Schaefer, the technical director of Mercedes-Benz, announced at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that the upcoming smaller G-Class model will only be available with an electric power system. This dismisses earlier speculations about a potential internal combustion engine (ICE) option for the vehicle.

One intriguing piece of information revealed by Schaefer is that the compact Mercedes G-Class will not be utilizing the recently developed Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) designed for the brand’s electric vehicles. Instead, this smaller off-road vehicle will rely on a distinct platform made up of elements from Mercedes’ larger rear-wheel drive vehicles.

The upcoming model may feature advanced technologies similar to those found in the highly anticipated full-size electric G-Wagon, being developed by Magna Steyr. This is the same company responsible for the production of the Scout truck and SUV. According to Mercedes, their new electric EQG will surpass its predecessor as the most capable off-roader, despite being powered by traditional fuel. With this in mind, the compact G-Class could potentially offer impressive off-road performance compared to other vehicles in its category.

In the future, the Mercedes-Benz EQG will feature four electric motors on each wheel, allowing for a G-turn maneuver similar to Rivian’s tank turn. This all-electric off-road vehicle will also include advanced software that can manage the distribution of torque to each wheel, a crucial element when navigating unpaved terrain.

The latest addition to the German carmaker’s lineup is its specialized G division, which will be responsible for creating a smaller electric version of the G-Wagon. This would make the compact electric off-roader the third model in the G series, alongside the traditional combustion-powered G-Class and the recently introduced EQG. The establishment of this new division also serves to expand Mercedes’ range of sub-brands, which currently includes the high-performance AMG and the luxurious Maybach.

It is predicted that Mercedes will introduce a new compact electric version of the G-Class in 2026, and follow it up with a full-size EQG later this year. In light of this, production of the current G-Class will end in the first quarter of 2024 to make way for an updated model. When the baby G-Class arrives, it will rival competitors such as the Land Rover Defender 90 in the market.

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