Electric Muscle: Dodge Charger Spotted on Michigan Highway in Epic Video

Key Differences Between Production-Ready and Concept Rear Ends

The highly awaited new generation Dodge Charger was recently seen undergoing testing on nearby streets, as a sleek black coupe zoomed down I75 in Auburn Hills, Detroit, close to the headquarters of Chrysler.

In plain sight, we are presented with an unobstructed view of the back design of the Charger, showcasing its production-ready state. The nostalgic aesthetic draws inspiration from the iconic 1960s Charger, serving as a major influence in the creation of this upcoming model. As stated in the video description, there was no discernible sound of an exhaust system, indicating that this is likely the all-electric version rather than the Hurricane-powered inline-six variant. In addition, a thorough examination reveals no visible indications of exhaust outlets, further supporting the possibility of this prototype being fully electric.

The initial design showcased a captivating oval-shaped light strip; however, the final product seems to feature rather ordinary tail lights that lack the unique charm of those seen on the prototype.

Maybe these could be temporary pieces, and the available models will come with something even more appealing. Nevertheless, it remains a handsome device, boasting a sizable back window that seamlessly melds into a dynamic rear spoiler. The broad rear fenders lend a fiercely aggressive appearance to this muscle car, making it an irresistible option for those in the market for such a vehicle.

The prototype’s enlarged, traditional side mirrors and simplified door handles are also apparent. These features were showcased in recent photos released by Dodge for the pre-production Charger. The front of the vehicle is reminiscent of the concept model, featuring a sleek DRL that spans across the entire fascia.

The company announced that the upcoming Charger will hit the market by late 2024, indicating an imminent official announcement. However, it is anticipated that the gasoline-fueled variants will be introduced first.

The freshly designed Hurricane inline-six motor will power the gasoline models, although its specific outputs for this particular usage have yet to be officially confirmed.

For those seeking the impressive capabilities of the Hellcat, it seems that embracing the highest-tier electric model is necessary. Rumors suggest this version will boast a whopping 900 horsepower, a truly astonishing amount of power. However, sources claim Dodge plans to release the EV in multiple levels of performance, with customizable upgrade packages available for each stage.

Undoubtedly, a significant aspect of the charm of muscle cars lies in their roaring engine sounds. In order to address the issue faced by numerous electric vehicles, Dodge has been developing a Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust system that amplifies the natural noises produced by the electric motors instead of using artificial sounds through the speakers. It is hoped that this feature will be retained in the final, market-ready version.

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