Electric Nissan RWD Truck: Funky & Neat

Compact Niagara Hybrid: Ready For Off Road Adventure

It would be easy to mistake the Renault Niagara for its brother, the Nissan Navara that was disguised beneath the “cloak” of a Mercedes X-Class. But contrary to that, this intriguing concept truck was designed as a compact double-cab utility vehicle engineered with a hybrid powertrain. Specifically, a mild-hybrid gas motor drives its front axles, while the rear axles are equipped with an electric motor providing it all-terrain capacity. As these two components combine, 4WD capability is attained.

French label Niagara states that “it can manage half of your everyday drives in full-electric mode,” meaning it can be used as a rear-wheel-drive electric truck after the internal combustion engine (ICE) is turned off. The capacity of the battery pack is not specified, yet since the pickup is quite diminutive and the electrical power lasts for only half a day, it is likely that the battery pack is of a small size.

According to our colleagues from Motor1.com Brazil, the Renault Niagara is 4.9 meters in length, thus being shorter than the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick. It’s based on the CMF-B platform, so it has a unibody structure akin to the two small trucks that were already discussed. Furthermore, it has a good amount of wheel suspension travel as well as large off-road tires, with not one, but three extra tires – one on the roof and two in the load organisers.

It’s unlikely the Niagara will make it to North American shores any time soon, as Renault has specified that this concept is intended to act as an autumnal of an inexpensive truck for Latin American markets. In keeping with showcase style, the current aesthetic looks a bit flamboyant; however, a version more reflective of what consumers may expect to find in showrooms should be revealed during the initial six months of 2024. The vehicle is anticipated to become available prior to the end of 2027. It is expected to follow the Oroch, a reasonably priced utility model with Dacia roots.

Source: Renault

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