Elevated Sedan Roofed in Conceptual Toyota Four-Door Convertible

Improved Design with Two Fewer Doors for Enhanced Aesthetics

Following closely behind the debut of the Century SUV Convertible, Toyota has recently revealed their newest venture: a convertible version of the Crown crossover four-door sedan.

The newest member of the Crown family made its debut in a video posted on the Toyota Times channel on YouTube. Toyota chose to forgo the traditional grand unveiling for this particular model. Although not the norm, the Crown Convertible boasts an attractive appearance. It maintains the classic design and four-door structure of the standard sedan, but with a distinct absence of the sloping roof and pillars.

Naturally, alterations have been made at the back, where a dark plastic panel now occupies the spot where the rear window once resided. The rear deck has a slightly clumsy appearance, similar to the unusual bend found on the latest Ferrari Roma Spyder. If the Crown Convertible had a reduced door count and a slight drop in height, it would have a more appealing appearance.

優勝パレードに華を添えた 新型センチュリーのオープンカー|トヨタイムズニュース

“The key is for it to appear natural…it’s not simply removing the roof and calling it a day. It needs to give the impression that it was always meant to be that way,” stated Simon Humphries, head of design at Toyota.

The inside has been borrowed directly from the sedan model, and this is actually a positive aspect. The light-colored leather complements the Bronze and Black paint job and enhances the high-end image of the car. Able to accommodate five passengers, the Crown Convertible delivers enjoyable open-air joyrides for the whole family. However, we assume buyers would willingly omit bringing the children along for a more dynamic appearance.

Toyota has made the decision to forgo equipping the Crown Convertible with a soft-top or folding-metal roof. As it is currently a concept car, the experience will be limited to an open-air driving experience. However, in the event of production, we anticipate the Tokyo-based company to devise a sophisticated resolution. It is probable that purchasers may have to sacrifice rear seat capacity, storage room, or potentially both.

There is no mention of the powertrain by Toyota, indicating a likelihood that it will be equipped with either the well-known 2.5-liter or turbocharged 2.4-liter hybrid motors.

The development team faced numerous obstacles in bringing this unique creation to life. As one engineer stated, “Making the new Crown Convertible required a significant amount of effort.” Another team member also acknowledged the challenges involved in constructing reinforcements to enhance the chassis’s strength. Interestingly, Toyota has previously produced Crown convertibles using older model versions. However, these vehicles were primarily utilized for official parades, sports events, and government duties and were not available for purchase by the general public.

It’s no shock that Toyota has unveiled the Crown Convertible. The manufacturer has expressed a desire to expand upon the Crown lineup, with plans for a range of convertible and coupe options. Additionally, there have been hints of an adventurous off-road version and speculation of a top-performing GR model on the horizon. It appears that the Crown badge will inspire a diverse selection of vehicles in the years to come.

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