Elevating Electric: Mercedes Revamps EV Aesthetics Ahead of G-Class Debut

Mercedes Embraces Reality: Electric Cars Don’t Appeal to Masses

The well-known moniker of Mercedes, EQ, and its signature design will soon vanish, resulting in resounding praise. However, this does not mean that Mercedes will give up on electric vehicles – the renowned German brand remains dedicated to incorporating an all-electric model in every category. The reason for the enthusiastic reception is due to the upcoming revamp of their EVs, which includes substantial changes in aesthetics.

The announcement was made by the car company’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Christoph Starzynski, previously in charge of the brand’s electric vehicle platforms. In an interview with Top Gear during the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Starzynski stated that Mercedes is fully cognizant of the contentious reactions to the design of EQ models.

“We have received that comment, and we are giving it serious consideration,” stated Starzynski. “After examining the [design] style of the Concept CLA, and potentially looking further ahead, we can definitely anticipate there will be modifications made.”

These words indicate that the alterations will not be all-encompassing and will not happen immediately. Developing new styling without spending excessive amounts on new equipment is a gradual process, and Mercedes has already made significant progress with the EQ styling approach. Therefore, certain current elements will inevitably need to be incorporated into upcoming designs.

Revised:The announcement of a new approach to styling comes as welcome news for traditional Mercedes customers who gravitate towards a more conventional aesthetic. In the past year, it took twice as long for American Mercedes dealers to sell an EQ model compared to its BMW counterpart, and the sales performance was not much better in comparison to Audi’s models.

According to car dealers, the main problem was a lack of desire for the product, as even though Mercedes has a large following of stylish and fashion-forward customers, many of them are seeking a vehicle that differs from the classic Mercedes appearance. As a result, the appearance of the EQ model fails to connect with the majority of potential buyers.

According to Starzynski, it is worth mentioning that Mercedes successfully enticed a number of previous US customers to return to the brand upon the release of EQ models in the country. This indicates that there will always be a demand for the EQ range as long as it carries the iconic Three-pointed Star emblem. He further stated that the CLA serves as a preview of what is to come in the future, emphasizing the brand’s determination to not only provide an electric vehicle in every segment but to eventually solely offer EVs.

One day in the future, electric vehicles will dominate the automotive industry and, as stated by CarBuzz in 2021, this will result in the elimination of EQ naming conventions. But which current gasoline-powered car will serve as a precursor to this shift? Starzynski believes it will be the G-Class, and with numerous spy shots already circulating, its official debut is likely imminent.

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