Enhance Your Driving Experience: Tesla’s Innovative Yoke Offers Improved Ergonomics and Quality

Horn has been finally moved to its rightful place in the center of the steering wheel.

Tesla recently unveiled a redesigned version of their divisive yoke-shaped steering wheel, boasting of enhanced quality, sturdier materials, and a repositioned horn.

A photograph of the recently unveiled wheel surfaced on X, revealing a prominent and centrally located horn adorning the steering wheel. The stitching exudes a sense of sturdiness and perfectly complements a vehicle of luxurious caliber. Individuals who have had the opportunity to try out the new steering wheel have attested to its robustness, proven through rigorous tests.

This is an important revision, as there were customer complaints about early degradation of the yoke steering wheels, causing the trim to peel off after only travelling 4,000 miles.

Fortunately, the placement of the horn has also been adjusted. Previously, it was operated through a capacitive button on the steering wheel and would frequently be unintentionally triggered.

Starting in November, every car produced has a push center for the horn. However, we are still waiting for a firmware update to activate this feature. By simply pressing down on the right side of the yoke with your palm, the horn will sound.

Tesla drivers have raised concerns about the inconvenient placement of the horn controls and have requested that the car company consider relocating them. In response to these complaints, CEO Elon Musk has acknowledged the issue and announced that a software update will soon allow users to honk the horn by pressing on the right side of the yoke. It appears that this change will also apply to the traditional circular steering wheel found in all Tesla models.

Just a friendly reminder, the yoke is currently an elective addition for both the Model S and Model X (including the Plaid models), adding an extra $1,000 to the listed price. While the yoke was originally included in the high-end Plaid variations, Tesla eventually made it an add-on for $250 before ultimately raising the cost to $1,000.

The decision was rather unexpected, considering that Tesla drivers were already incurring costs to exchange their yokes for a traditional steering wheel.

The latest model of the Tesla Yoke has arrived, featuring the reintroduction of the central horn, enhanced stitching, and durability that has been tested in real-world conditions to outlast its predecessor.

The anticipated release of an enhanced yoke steering wheel was originally set for July 2023, according to a Tesla employee who opted to remain anonymous. They advised customers not to replace their faulty wheels until the upgraded model with superior materials became available. Though the timing may have been incorrect, Tesla did eventually unveil a sturdier version featuring a traditional horn button.

It’s amazing to witness Tesla making improvements to its automobiles in subtle yet impactful manners. Not every problem can be solved with a simple over-the-air update, and sometimes, even seemingly minor problems and complaints can deter potential customers from the brand. The steering wheel is typically the initial point of contact for a driver when getting into a car, and it should reflect the high value of the vehicle.

When you are shelling out over $80,000 for a Model S or Model X, it is only fair that everything should exude excellence. It is our sincere wish that the fresh materials will elicit a sense of superior craftsmanship.

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