Tesla Sells Yoke Replacements: Real Wheels

A Bad Idea Finally Dominating

As initial reports from Autoevolution found, Tesla’s offering to re-fit their Model S and X vehicles with a typical steering wheel quickly sold out within one week. One might suggest this achievement of the standard wheel replacing the yoke has proven embarrassing for Tesla.

Recently, Tesla has provided a retrofit steering wheel to supersede the poorly devised steering technology; this met with much enthusiasm from the avid backers of Tesla, who fervently avowed it would revolutionize the game and that once experienced, no one would go back. Nevertheless, it appears that the classic styled wheel has become the bestselling item in the Tesla store.

Back in January of 2021, Tesla made the revelation about their Model S and X receiving a modernized rectangular yoke to exchange the round steering wheel. Initially, this was an elective feature, though eventually Tesla concluded that it should be the default choice.

Tesla attempted to persuade us they had revolutionized the wheel, yet this peculiarly formed steering item is something manufacturers have designed for concept vehicles in the past, denoting sportiness or a feeling of modernity – and at times even turning out to be in road cars. Although, it has never been permanently accepted beyond motorsport, where pilots have their hands in a fixed location and hardly ever need to move in reverse. Alas, Tesla eventually reverted back to regular steering wheels as usual.

Put briefly, the steering wheel was devised in 1894 and it is still in use for a particular rationale. Tesla for this reason has restored it as the normal selection when tailoring their vehicles, despite the fact that they tried to promote the yoke.

The $700 (including fitting) traditionally-shaped steering wheel is still featured in the Best Sellers section on Tesla’s online shop; however, you must now obtain it by using their application. We were unable to see it there. It is uncertain when we will see its return, so until Tesla sorts this issue out then those who purchased their vehicle with the yoke will be stuck with one of the most lamentable pieces of automobile design ever. Furthermore, it is imaginable that it may already be deteriorating.

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