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Commemorating Toyota’s Rally Champions: Sebastien Ogier & Kalle Rovanpera

The car manufacturer, Toyota, has recently announced the production of two unique versions of the upgraded GR Yaris at the Rallye Monte Carlo. These special editions pay homage to two iconic World Rally Championship (WRC) racers: Sebastien Ogier and Kalle Rovanpera. The models are set to go on sale in Japan this spring, with each edition having a limited run of only 100 units available through a lottery system.

Ogier has cemented his legacy as an eight-time WRC champion, placing second in all-time wins just behind fellow French driver Sebastian Loeb (9). The skilled Ogier claimed back-to-back victories with Toyota in the 2020 and 2021 championships, adding to his earlier titles achieved during his tenures with Ford and Volkswagen. On the other hand, Rovanpera holds the record for the youngest WRC champion, claiming consecutive seasons in the 2022 and 2023 campaigns while driving a rally-adapted Toyota GR Yaris.

The two new limited edition vehicles bear resemblance to their predecessors revealed in the previous year, with the exception of being modeled after the more powerful refreshed version. They boast an impressive output of 276 horsepower and 288 lb-ft of torque, thanks to a robust 1.3-liter G16E turbocharged inline-three engine (the Japan-spec model boasts a slightly higher 300 hp and 295 lb-ft).

The latest edition of the Toyota GR Yaris, known as the Sebastien Ogier Edition, boasts a bold Matte Stealth Gray finish. Adding a touch of national pride, the front grille proudly displays the French flag. The 18-inch BBS alloy wheels also feature the national flag, along with striking blue calipers. The back of the car is adorned with a distinctive Ogier Edition emblem, while Toyota GR Racing decals add to its sleek appearance. To enhance the car’s performance and agility, a lightweight rally spoiler completes the exterior.Stepping inside, drivers will find a commemorative plaque on the passenger seat, paying tribute to the car’s special edition status. The steering wheel is stitched with colors inspired by the French flag, adding a flair of elegance. Additionally, all the other equipment is accented with subtle gray stitching, adding a sophisticated touch to the cabin.

The latest version of the GR Yaris, known as the Kalle Rovanpera Edition, boasts similar specifications with a few notable changes. The most noticeable difference is the special three-tone paint job, which has become the go-to choice for this model. Another standout feature is the swan-neck type rear wing, reminiscent of the extreme Yaris GRMN. Inside, the stitching is a combination of blue and gray, paying tribute to the flag colors of Finland. This limited edition also includes constant-velocity rear differential gears and a distinctive Rovanpera Edition logo displayed at the back.

One notable difference between the two can be seen in their 4WD control modes. The Ogier Edition offers Morizo Mode and Seb Mode. According to the manufacturer, Morizo Mode allows for maximum restraint on both the front and rear wheels during acceleration, but only relaxes as needed during braking. This setup is a reflection of the driving style preferred by Ogier and initially favored by Akio ‘Morizo’ Toyoda. On the other hand, Seb Mode heavily favors the rear wheels.

In contrast, the Rovanpera variation features two unique modes: Donut Mode and Kalle Mode. As its name implies, Donut Mode is designed specifically for drifting – a skill in which Rovanpera has displayed an impressive level of expertise. On the other hand, Kalle Mode employs a supplementary constant-velocity rear differential, which induces oversteer upon entering a turn, allowing for early acceleration to push the car out of corners using the front axle.

The two variations are derived from the GR Yaris RZ, featuring a six-speed manual transmission instead of the recently developed eight-speed automatic gearbox. It is anticipated that this new transmission will eventually be introduced to the American market through the GR Corolla.

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