Explore The GTI Roadster Concept: A Walkaround Video

Just by looking at the design, some say it’s the hottest Golf concept ever made.
This VW GTI Roadster is the hottest Golf ever! 🔥

The Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo, which was originally featured in Gran Turismo 6, was a real showstopper at the GTI Worthersee Show in Austria in 2014. Its cutting-edge low-profile form and two-person convertible construction elicited awe from the spectators.

The Golf GTI Roadster is one of the coolest ideas to come out of the Volkswagen laboratories, so much so, it makes us long for a real version to roll of the manufacturing lines. Finding one in the physical world is virtually fantasy but luckily Autogefuhl had an opportunity to capture one on film in this extraordinary walkaround video.

The Golf GTI Roadster Concept boasts a strikingly angled form, giving off a decidedly futuristic vibe despite being introduced almost ten years ago. Strikingly low – only 40 inches (1 meter) in stature – the car gives off an illusion of brawniness courtesy of the carbon fiber front spoiler and minuscule lamp fixtures. Offering a length of 164in (4.16m), the concept stands out further with 20-inch wheels decked out with open-spoke detailing.

The creation of the car is quite dramatic – featuring a visible GTI emblem on the front, which is dramatically lit up with a glowing effect on the side mirrors. The enormous rear wing has a double function as could not only look impressive, but also provide shelter from rainfall. Additionally, the diffuser positioned at the bottom of the rear fascia is further highlighted by LED illumination.

A single touch of a button and suddenly the butterfly doors are opened, unveiling a truly impressive interior. Adorned with various elements of Alcantara and Dinamica, plus boasting a steering wheel design reminiscent of a Formula One race car, this concept automobile is completed with its signature racing seatbelts.

The GTI Roadster is indeed impressive with one notable feature being its engine. Located beneath the bonnet, the 3.0L V6 delivers an unbelievable 503 horsepower, allowing the concept vehicle to take off from zero to 62mph within a mere 3.6 seconds. Additionally, it has all-wheel propulsion and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which can reach speeds in excess of 190mph (300 km/h).

Source: Autogefühl via YouTube

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