Explore Warehouse of Rescued Superbirds & Torino Talladegas

Unearth Hidden Classics: Barn-Find Video Reveals Long-Forgotten Treasures

This barn is brimful with celebrated muscle motor vehicles, collected together by one individual who was determined not to let a quality car get sent to the scrapyard. Gathered over a four-decade period, the late proprietor attended auctions, outbuildings and any place where he could find a Ford or Mopar car to bring back home.

The YouTube channel Auto Archaeology is back! This time, they’re documenting the collection of classics saved from obliteration and either running or in the process of being resurrected and mended.

Definitely captivating is the number of Plymouth Superbirds in the parade: a minimum of 10 examples of this iconic stock car racers can be seen, varying from being totally intact to just parts.

Here is what the compere of the station uncovered concealed in the depths of this captivating building.

A Warehouse full of Barn Find Superbirds and Talladegas?!

Constructed during the 1920s as a homologation special to race in NASCAR, this Plymouth Road Runner-based muscle automobile was drastically altered to create multiple engine variations. It offered two 440-CI V-8s – one with a four-barrel configuration and a second with six barrels.

A 426-CI Hemi V8 was the most rare selection. The cult classic 1970 Plymouth Superbird commonly fetches an average of around $280,000 at auction, yet a Hemi example can attain price tags as steep as $650,000 resulting from its extreme scarcity and incredible power rating of 425 hp.

Witnessing a remarkable collection of authentic Superbirds under one roof is truly awe-inspiring. As displayed in the video, their accumulated worth can be considerable if restored or revitalized. At this point in time, a number of them remain in working order and many are left waiting in line to go through renovation. Towards the beginning of the clip, you may observe a Dodge Charger Daytona – the ancestor to the Superbird.

Two remarkable models exist here: the Plymouth Superbird and the Ford Torino Talladega. In fact, the latter was inspired by the Ford Fairlane, as it was configured as a competition motorcar specifically designed for use on public streets. It was powered by the 427-CI Cobra Jet V8 engine that had an certified output of 335 hp; however some estimates even report higher power ratings above 400 hp!

As the host for Auto Archaeology takes a tour of every pristine classic car, he notes the distinctive engines and sophisticated transmission systems. Another standout model is glimpsed in the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler IIs, proudly represented as a NASCAR homologation vehicle.

As a result of the plentiful automobiles to give attention to, certain ones may remain untouched for an extensive span of time as they await their turn. The kin of the late proprietor and aficionado relocated the sporty rides into a single building; consequently, it has now evolved into an absorbing NASCAR exhibit.

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