F-150: 1980s Style for $12,995

2023 F-150 Pickup: Nostalgic Dealer Creation
Retro Trucks - RED OR BLUE? | Beechmont Ford

The timely Ford F-150 developed by Ohio’s Beechmont Ford Performance (BFP) retail has returned for the 2023 model year, and it’s presenting two power alternatives, as well as a hefty dose of 1980s nostalgia thanks to its two-tone hue job and copious amounts of chrome (in correspondence with today’s standards).

In 2019, we first experienced the well-aged feel of BFP’s classic pickup. But it was in 2021 when a Ford dealership outfitted the brand-new 14th generation F-150 with their slick styling modifications that we truly savored it.

Been a while, but BFP are reviving the sentiment with an all-new version of their beloved classic that can now be fitted to the 2023 Ford pickup. Powered by the timeless 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine, the package now offers an array of performance levels: the baseline edition delivers 400 horsepower whilst the upgraded option yields an impressive 700 hp, thanks to a Ford Performance supercharged Coyote V8 engine.

No matter the power output, the factory exhaust has been replaced and the customer’s preference will decide if it’s an MBRP or Roush Performance cat-back to take its place.

The outside of this automobile has the capacity to evoke memories of those in their heyday during the 70s and 80s since it holds a two- colored paint scheme reminiscent of the legendary Ford Bronco from four decades in the past. Additionally, chrome trimming elements have replaced the modern black items– chrome bumpers, grille, doorhandle, running boards, insignia, wheels and even a bed rack with chrome plating are all present.

Perched atop a shelf is a collection of KC Daylighter round lamps with merry yellow faces, and the 3-inch lift combined with 33-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires causes the whole setup to appear as if it was ripped right from the A-Team TV show’s set.

Beginning at $12,995, the 400 horsepower option of BFP’s Retro pickup can be equipped to any F-150 trim level. Additionally, a supercharged variant with 700 horses will cost a customer $25,095 more. Generally, buyers spend an average of $75,110 for the standard engine configuration, and approximately $87,210 for the model with increased power. Of course, this price could be greater or lesser depending on the options that were selected for the base car.

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Source: Beechmont Ford Performance

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