Ford F-150: Retro Look, 700HP V8 for $25k

400 HP Car for Just $13K

Beechmont Ford Performance has come back with their retro-styled Ford pickup truck, albeit some adjustments. North America’s beloved truck stays to its iconic two-tone paint job in the BFP Retro edition, but enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that this Ohio-situated dealer is providing the F-150 in two performance grades.

For those seeking trails of ferocity, the primary engine in this build is a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 that brings 400 ponies to the party. However, should you seek additional power, there is an optional Ford Performance/Whipple supercharger available to up the ante to a thunderous 700 horsepower. Put succinctly, that’s as much brawn as found within the latest iteration of the Raptor R which packs a 5.2-liter supercharged V8.

Irrespective of the motor, patrons have the choice of opting between a high-powered cat-back exhaust from MBRP or Roush, making for an undeniably throaty V8 roar. Although the powertrain choices are objectively alluring, the BFP Retro offer chiefly concentrates on bringing back vintage style.

The result is that this pickup does not lack in appearance; instead, it goes above and beyond. Old-style treatments like painted accents and black rims have been replaced with a plethora of glistening chromium. The polished Pro Comp wheels are embraced by BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, creating a perfect combination of classic elegance and modern style. This truck is certainly more than meets the eye!

Aside the door handles as well as running boards, the BFP Retro F-150 boasts front and rear chromed bumpers, a glistening bed rack plus external badging. Of course, the true focus is the dual-tone paint colour. The vehicle observed here pairs Chilli Pepper Red and White in a fashion that mimics paint styles popularized in the 70s and 80s.

Long McArthur Ford, a dealership located in Kansas, was offering the F-250, which had a look that was similar in design. Grammar corrected.

A 3-inch lift set is a must-have feature when taking the F-150 off-roading, allowing for an enhanced clearance and creating an imposing look.

It’s certainly impossible to overlook the renowned KC Daylighter supplementary lighting systems. The legendary cheerful yellow visages, which will without a doubt elicit hearty grins from passers-by, are mounted atop the truck’s shelf.

This bundle won’t come cheaply, though. The 400-horsepower configuration would cost an affordable $12,995. Nevertheless, if you’re targeting the 700-horsepower supercharged version, you may need to invest in $25,095. Obviously, counting in the price of the F-150 itself is a pre-requisite, hence the final dues will depend much on the specification and arrangement.

Beechmont Ford Performance reports that the average fee for the 400-horsepower F-150 is around $75,110, while the supercharged edition carries an approximate MSRP of $87,210. Even though it’s a considerable amount of cash, it would be tough to locate a deal close to this one.

If you’re in search of a real vintage F-Series vehicle, ponder VMC’s stunning F-100 restomod. Nonetheless, at an amount of $279,900, you might purchase an array of BFP Retro F-150s for similar cost.

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