Farewell, VW’s Cutest Model

Volkswagen Discontinues 12-Year-Old Mini Car

The auto atmosphere has received somewhat of a downer due to the retirement of the Volkswagen Up! mini car. According to Autocar, the last instance was created at the group’sBratislava production center situated in the capital city of Slovakia after 12 years manufacturing it.

When it first debuted, the diminutive city automobile was priced close to $10,000, making it a must-have for youngins and those wanting to avoid costly European urban pollution sanctions. It was lightweight, fuel-efficient, conveniently fit into tiny spots in the street, and fun to drive if one was willing to experiment with some flat braking and lift oversteering.

But immediately it has vanished, closing yet another opportunity for owning a modest motor vehicle.

The imminent arrival of the Volkswagen ID.1 EV in the next five years means that nothing can really take the place of the Up! Wolfsburg’s smallest and most budget-friendly new automobile, yet there is no need for that- it will be as commodious inside as a Polo, rendering unused the section formerly filled by the Up!. Above that will lie the ID.2 electric car, which foresees to become the successor to both the normal Golf and its GTI performance variant, present in both standard and sporty guises.

European drivers will certainly feel the lack of a cost-effective auto that is remarkably simple to take care of and drive, and the GTI iteration was indeed a powerhouse that made substantial speeds an adrenaline rush with an output of only 113 horsepower. We would go so far as insisting it was the iconic Mk 1 Golf GTI of the modern era. Since its viable substitution will be bulky and electric, one can not help but mourn the steady disappearance of vehicles which perform their core functions alone.

For the overwhelming majority of our readers, the passing of a city car that was never introduced to this market is just a minor event in the rapidly shifting vehicle atmosphere. In any case, it reveals a widespread issue – both inexpensive and convenient small cars of assorted types are facing extinction, with the substitutes being miles away from the real ones.

All that being said, the Up! gained fame due to Volkswagen perfectly executing it. As we are all aware of the magnitude Volkswagen possesses, there is a possibility that future EVs from Wolfsburg will be filled with exhilaration-inducing components embedded into their very makeup. We are certain simulative switching gears are not in the organization’s agenda; however, we dare suggest that VW have various creative notions to make upcomming minuscule EV’s feel as agile and captivating as possible. Here’s to hoping!

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