Ferrari 296 GTB Revamped: More Power, New Look

Novitec Enhances Mid-Engined V6 Supercar

Novitec has polished the Ferrari 296 GTB, furnishing the mid-engined contraption with more clout and panache because of delicate advancements.

Let’s commence by exploring the efficacy augmentations. The 3.0-L V6 motor is collocated with a rear-positioned electrical engine to generate 819 hp. The mechanic firm has lifted the consolidated harnessing up to 856 hp, refining the already substantial capabilities. This originates from the custom turbo inlets and distinctively crafted 100-cell metallic catalysts established by Novitec.

The exhaust system is primarily crafted from either stainless steel or Inconel, a superior technology used in Formula 1 competition. Additionally, customers can opt to adorn the exhaust with luxurious 999 fine gold plating. Not only does the system possess exquisite cosmetic value, but an euphonious exhaust note can be heard when it is adjusted via optional active butterfly valves, allowing the driver to achieve a pleasing noise of their choosing.

An alternate choice is the installation of a mesh grille at the back of the exhaust pipes, granting hot air an escape route from the engine compartment.

868hp Novitec Ferrari 296 GTB, is it faster than the SF90 / The Supercar Diaries

The renowned German tune-jockey has indicated that forth-coming improvements are in store and hence, the potential for obtaining higher than 1,000 bhp (brake horsepower) is achievable.

Novitec continues to refine an aerodynamic body kit for the iconic 296 GTB. Right now, they offer custom Vossen wheel designs of varying sizes as aftermarket options. Matched with their optional sports springs, it will not only demonstrate more finesse and ferocity, but also further enhance the car’s maneuverability.

Appearing in view are the NF 10 rims, given a high-luster black coating. This version features staggered wheels (21 and 22 inches on the front and rear respectively). By Novitec, people have a multitude of options with 72 colors and a variety of surface treatments to select from.

The remarkably low-profile Novitec Ferrari can be provided with a front elevation system which heightens the frame of the 296 GTB by about 1.6 inches, economising owners the humiliation and outlay of scraping off the firont bumper spoiler.

“As you would expect from any big-time tuner,” Novitec states, “the interior of the Ferrari can be trimmed in virtually any desired color.” The Ferrari 296’s cabin is already beautifully crafted by Maranello’s talented artisans, so it will be exciting to witness how Novitec can further enhance the luxuriousness of Italy’s finest.

We anticipate witnessing how the upcoming body kit will transform the aesthetic of the Ferrari, given that tuner companies often have a habit of compromising the stylishness of luxurious supercars. This had occurred on different occasions: Mansory recently fouled up the beautiful Maserati MC20 in an ostentatious and immoderate body kit.

Within the upper-end tuning market, Novitec stands out for its subtleness; a quality exemplified by the SF90 Stradale, with its minimalistic carbon fiber additions and custom wheels. Besides Italian vehicles, firm enthusiasts of Tesla can also obtain aesthetic upgrades for their Model Y and X electric SUVs, boosting the sporty appearance of both models.

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