Ferrari 296 GTS Set to Debut as Extreme 296 Speciale A Model

Aperta Symbolizes Convertible Version with the A Initial as the Designation

As the new year begins, there are also new vehicles to look forward to. According to a recent filing with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, it seems that Ferrari’s upcoming car will be dubbed the 296 Speciale A.

This is the final puzzle we have been anticipating ever since last year when numerous new names were unveiled for Ferrari models, further solidifying the arrival of a more extreme version of the current Ferrari 296 GTS – the Spider. It seems highly likely that this high-performance variant will adopt the name previously used for the most powerful and track-worthy iteration of the stunning 458.

Instead of following the current naming trend, it is possible that the new hardcore model will be named after a specific track in Italy. Applications have been made for the names 296 Mugello and 296 Speciale for both the V6 super sports car variants, the Berlinetta and Spider.

With the recent announcement from Ferrari about their plans to release three new vehicles this year, the timing of this news could not have been more opportune. While they have the ability to create limited edition versions of their current cars effortlessly, there is no sign of any 296 prototypes being tested around their Maranello headquarters. Therefore, it may be unlikely for a faster version of the 296 to debut in 2024.

Recently, it seems that the 812 Superfast may have a successor in the works. As mentioned earlier, there were several rumored monikers for this new model discovered last year, such as Milano and Montecarlo. Both of these titles would be fitting for either the V12 grand tourer or the entry-level Roma. However, it would make more sense for the 812’s replacement to be called Montecarlo, while the Roma should receive the badge of Milano.

Regardless of its official name and release date, it is certain that the 296 will eventually receive a special edition version. Ferrari has also made it clear that the F8 Tributo has been discreetly discontinued. Although the standard 296 GTB will serve as its replacement for the time being, it’s important to note that it was actually unveiled in June of this year.

According to Ferrari’s values, it is beginning to display signs of aging, and a distinct version featuring intelligent advancements, subtle design modifications, and a considerable increase in horsepower can effectively turn back the clock. For now, a one-of-a-kind paint scheme will have to serve as an alternative.

We will inform you as soon as additional details become available, but considering Maranello’s approach, an official statement is not expected until a formal announcement is ready.

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