Ferrari 500 TR Recreation SEMA 2023

Six12 TR Teppista: Ferrari’s Unwanted Creation.

The 612 Scaglietti hasn’t been a visual standout among Ferrari automobiles, yet a craftsman is giving this grand tourer an entirely new, revival-style facelift. Named the 612 TR Teppista, it is a contemporary replica of the marvelous 500 TR from the late 1950s.

Gone is the massive Pininfarina design. In its stead exists a captivating and curvaceous form that unites vintage shape with contemporary details. The diffuser clashes with the classic silhouette, yet somehow it blends in seamlessly, especially as the Teppista includes attention-grabbing color-matched side skirts with built-in exhaust pipes. At the back, a prominent diffuser and an oversized spoiler make an even greater impression.

Only traces of the 612 remain today, with the round tail lights being among them. Naturally, its famous 5.7-liter V12 continues to exist as well. At the time of its inception, this naturally aspirated powertrain generated an impressive 533 horsepower along with hefty 434 lb-ft of torque.

Consequently, the colossal Ferrari was capable of accelerating to a velocity of 62 mph within four seconds, and attaining a maximum velocity of 199 mph. Speculating that the Teppista is even faster, you would be wise to arm yourself with eye protection if you mean to make use of its full speedometer capacity.

The speedster-style of the Ferrari Monza SP1 is a world away from the 612 Scaglietti, which has been replaced by the soon-to-be-discontinued 812 Superfast. The man responsible for the build, Slang500 on Instagram, has been dreaming about creating this car for a long time. “We finally did it [and] the results speak for themselves,” he said.

The exterior has been completely revamped, but the inner chamber of the 612 remains intact. Its upholstery has been redesigned with bright blue leather fabric and decoration in yellow hues.

It’s not the first time Slang500 has had a presence at SEMA. Already, the bespoke fabricator has featured amazing builds made from iconic Mercedes-Benz and Porsche versions. His company, S-Klub LA, has managed to fashion remarkable duplicates of the vaunted Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing – some even powered by Tesla Model 3 engines – plus multiple types of P-cars for those lucky purchasers with eclectic preferences.

People usually have not been seen to be too sympathetic towards those who modify Ferraris, however this is an impressive realization that applauds the company’s heritage distinctly. Yes, it shall likely never satisfy enthusiasts, though it is enjoyment in high quality. We are furthermore pleased that the classic Ferrari V12 has been safeguarded and not substituted for a electric powertrain.

We are optimistically expecting to discover more regarding the assembly procedure and the effort invested in tailoring the 612 Scaglietti to a unique 612 TR Teppista shortly.

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