Ferrari Breaks Fiorano Lap Record with SF90 XX Stradale

Bests Previous Record by 1.4 Seconds

The elated expectation of clients awaiting their Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale will take strong delight to learn that it has established a new record time at Fiorano amongst passenger vehicles certified for the street.

The Stradale Coupe clocked a stunning lap time of 1:17.309, proving to be 1.4 seconds faster than the previous record holder, the standard SF90 (fitted with the optional Assetto Fiorano package). This extraordinary achievement was carried out on 16 October in front of media and an authorised organisation that certified the newly-set lap record. To ensure accuracy, an independent motorsport agency monitored both the time and data from the vehicle throughout.

Raffaele de Simone, Ferrari’s Chief Development Test Driver, operated the automobile. It possessed lightweight carbon-fiber rims and Michelin Cup2R tires, which were appropriate for street use and came to be purchasable to buyers.

With the mission completed, the SF90 XX Stradale will be showcased at the renowned Ferrari Museum in Maranello from December 15. Accompanying this exceptional presentation is a collection displaying the model’s achievements.

We anticipate that this fresh album will persuade the fortunate 799 possessors of the SF90 XX Stradale to drive their autos on a track instead of parking them in a garage. This vehicle was designed particularly for this motive and is the first street-legal car to portray the well-known XX designation. Preceding XX vehicles involve the Ferrari FXX-K Evo, the 599XX and the FXX which made use of the Enzo as the base. The knowledge procured from these projects generated excitable road cars in the Special Series program. The most renowned sample is the 812 Competizione, the motor vehicle of Ferrari F1 racer Carlos Sainz.

The SF90 XX is a fundamentally exceptional vehicle, furnished with numerous enhancements, yet it is still always gratifying to perceive it demonstrate its worthiness and deserving of its position among the greats – even though it perhaps ought to have been branded something else.

In order to better comprehend the significance of this lap, let us take a closer examination of the Fiorano track. As is widely known, Enzo Ferrari was deeply devoted to racing and accordingly put together the Fiorano circuit 51 years ago. It is a 1.862 mile FIA Grade 1T course, and Ferrari employ it in order to develop both road vehicles and the F1 cars that will be participating at the Las Vegas Grand Prix later this week.

We hunted down some old records and the results are remarkable. The Ferrari LaFerrari’s fastest lap was clocked at 1:19.709, while the 812 Competizione was found to be coming in at 1:20.008. The newest hybrid V6 296 GTB clocks in just one second after the V12 Competizione. To emphasize Ferrari’s incredible progress, the 458 Speciale took 1:23.50, but an F40 completed the circuit in 1:29.60.

What about the most exceptional record? It should come as no surprise that the track employed to construct F1 vehicles has this, although it is not held by a recent F1 car. The inimitable Michael Schumacher still clinches the title with his 0:55.999 time accomplished via a Ferrari F2004.

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