Ferrari SF90 Honors 499P-Winning Heritage

Select Customers Offered Red & Yellow Livery by Prancing Horse

At this year’s memorable 91st running of the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Ferrari earned a triumphant return to glory, with their factory-backed contingency clinching the title for the first time in almost six decades. Ahead of this stunning achievement, the Italy-headquartered company had announced a specially designed SF90 Stradale tailored to suit customers taking part in the World Endurance Championship series.

The hybrid V8 supercar proudly showcases a gleaming Rosso Le Mans sheen along with Giallo Modena striping and accents, merging the famous pigments of the mark’s most renowned designs on the alluring SF90. Gaze carefully, and you will spot the emblems of the Italian flag upon the front bumper. Furthermore, these same shades are also seen on the steering wheel.

In addition, this remarkable SF90 will feature hand-painted World Endurance Championship (WEC) emblems on the bonnet and doors. Each vehicle is to be adorned with number 50 on a white cabochon on the hood, as well as on the doors – odd considering it was car 51 that won; however, it is pertinent in commemorating Ferrari’s highly-anticipated re-entry into the Le Mans race after a 50 year absence.

The hues of this motor vehicle recall the distinctive markings of the Le Mans champion car. As already noted, Ferrari will only allot it to chosen clients. These fortunate people are bound to jump at the chance. Taking into account Maranello’s achievement, this restricted SF90 edition is anticipated to become a favourite amongst aficionados and be worth something in the not so distant future.

Aside from the Italian banner ornamenting the dashboard, the inner composition is generally alike, aside from a unique plate that pays homage to the contest automobile.

Ferrari has yet to provide information on any modifications to performance, nonetheless, the SF90 Stradale from the factory is equipped with excessive power. Its twin-turbocharged V8 4.0 liter engine merges with three electric motors, yielding a combined total of 986 hp. This makes for an amazing 0 to 62 mph sprint in mere 2.5 seconds and a breath-taking top speed of 211 mph.

It looks like Ferrari might be unveiling a limited edition iteration of the SF90 Stradale in the near future. Rumors indicate it may end up being nicknamed the Le Mans. Despite reports hinting that it could be introduced over the weekend, that evidently did not materialize. Yet, it appears that a debut isn’t too far away as this project has been underway for some time.

Early visuals suggest the SF90 Le Mans could be a race-oriented car; an imposing rear spoiler, unique taillights, plus added air scoops are amongst the fresh features we can presume. It is difficult to anticipate Ferrari will squeeze out more power from its hybrid V8 engine, but we forecast joined torque output levels seated nicely above 1,000 horsepower.

It is an incontestable fact that the SF90 Le Mans’ cost will be hefty. Notwithstanding, it is probable that only 699 coupes and 399 cabriolets will be created, which likely implies that they will all be bought by buyers as soon as they become available.

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