Ferrari Roma Spider: 612 HP, Convertible Top

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The Ferrari Roma Spider was essentially unveiled in the dynamic and vibrant Marrakesh, concluding what supposed secret model was arriving today from the iconic Prancing Horse branding. The Roma Spider is everything it appears to be; a full convertible design of the gorgeous Roma coupe. Exactly like the coupe, this one also possesses a 3.8-liter (3,855 cc) twin-turbo V8 engine which can create 612 hp at 7,500 rpm accompanied with 561 lb-ft of torque.

Heading out through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission which from where the SF90’s comes from but with longer strokes and a reserve gear (the SF90 works its electric motor for returning backward), Ferrari noted that the 0-62 mph commences in 3.4 seconds – equating the fixed tops Roma though a concerning weight of 185 pound has been added. Generally speaking, it is the same engine as used on the coupe however there is a new oil pump involved to lessen time-to-pressure on frosty startup by 70%.

Ferrari put in much hard work and labour to create the Spider. This little masterpiece is equipped with an optimised, three-position mobile spoiler system. For the perfect open-top driving experience, it also has a distinctive, patented wind deflector installed behind the rear seat as well as a svelte 5-millimeter nolder on the windshield to provide a bubble-like atmosphere for its occupants.

In comparison to the Portofino M, adding a completely new aspect to the Romas Spider’s design, the delicate five-layer fabric top can be opened up in merely 13.5 seconds while driving at speeds of up to 37mph. And, we are pleased that Ferrari chose to go with cloth over metal, because it is both lighter and aesthetically more attractive.

Within the cabin, not much has been modified from the Roma, which is predictable. The wheel still features touch control, although customer feedback produced indentations that make it simpler for the operator to distinguish each one. Furthermore, the trackpad located on the right side was given a depression for smoother swiping. To cap things off, the start button is now glowing for a more melodramatic air.

Drivers look out through a large digital instrument cluster featuring a conveniently-sized touchscreen situated in the midst of the dashboard and a possible passenger display. The Roma Spider even provides wireless Android Auto along with Apple CarPlay support. Added practical features comprise 18-way seating with optional neck heaters and a trunk passage that stretches to the back seats.

The cost is up in the air, but it appears that it will cost more than the base model of the Roma Coupe, which begins at $222,620.


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