Ferrari Roma Spider Teased In Video

March 16 Debut of ‘Something Special’ Teased

Rarely do we receive teasing visuals from Ferrari, thus when it does occur we take notice. On social media, the iconic Italian company posted a brief video which demonstrated a white cover featuring hints of red and yellow (potentially resembling a flag) billowing in the breeze, being carefully pulled away to uncover a sizable Prancing Horse logo on a silver car.

Ferrari is asking us if we are ready for “more” and it looks like we will find out what that means tomorrow, March 16. That is when the company will be providing more details about the upcoming news.

Ferrari has dropped a second teaser video, building anticipation for what they have in store. The first teaser had promised “something special” and featured a shadowy image of a steering wheel. While attempts to brighten the video didn’t yield any hidden features, many believe that Ferrari is unveiling the Roma convertible, potentially called the Spider.

By inspecting the first teaser, there doesn’t appear to be any overt evidence extra pointing to the unveiling of the Roma. Nevertheless, similarities between both the wheel and the air conditioning vent hint that it could be the newest edition to the Ferrari family. What appears to be a flat nose shape with the signature Ferrari branding featured in a silver tone could suggest the suggestive possibility of the unveiling of the Roma.

Ferrari has made it clear that four unveilings will be happening in this calendar year. As yet, no particular models or versions have been pointed out, even so the Roma convertible is thought to be on top of the list. It has also been whispered that a V12-powered version of the Roma could arrive, even though the small, front mid-engine grand tourer already boasts an incredible twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 generating 612 horsepower. If a convertible variant of the Roma does indeed show up, it would likely fit in lower than the Portofino M – or perhaps even displace it totally.

Whilst the Roma is obviously a robust selection, whispers have been heard regarding the potential release of an even hotter SF90 Stradale. Likewise, another ultra-elite offering could make its way onto the market also, mirroring after ludicrously extravagant cars such as the Daytona SP3.

Blessedly, the answers to any hesitation that we have had surrounding this confidential Ferrari will soon be revealed. It has been established that an announcement shall take place on March 16th at 8:00 PM Central European Time, 3 o’clock in the afternoon for anyone in North America who is currently operating in Eastern Daylight Time. We all can take pleasure found in the supercar content provided on the Rambling About Cars podcast until those times comes, which you can find just underneath.

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